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Drama / Year 5 and 6

Curriculum content descriptions

Develop skills and techniques of voice and movement to create character, mood and atmosphere and focus dramatic action (ACADRM036)

  • varying use of voice, for example, projection, dynamics, pace, pause and pitch, to create and communicate characters’ intentions
  • trialling different ways to move in character and situations
  • Considering viewpoints – evaluations: For example – How did the performers use the elements of drama and design elements effectively? For what purposes did they make drama? What evidence supports your judgment about the drama?
  • adjusting the weight (heaviness or lightness of movement), speed, use of stillness, levels and movement through space to focus on character and situation and create dramatic action
  • altering voice and movement to show change in mood and atmosphere, and to create images, effects and an engaging delivery
  • rehearsing, interacting and negotiating with others in interpretation of scripts to create characters and their relationships
ScOT terms

Speaking,  Plots (Stories),  Characters (Acting)


Join the circus

Learn about different circus skills and create a short performance.


Mime and machines

Students develop their mime and physical skills through drama.


Elements of Myth

In this lesson, students will read myths, discuss the elements of this literary form, and dramatize a myth of their choice. They will write scientific, research-based reports, as well as fantastical stories to explain the natural phenomena of the world.


Writing Fables

How do the events in a fable relate to the moral of the story? In this lesson, students will engage in the writing process to create original fables and perform a skit. They will review the elements of a fable and develop an understanding of how to create a centralized focus in a narrative.


Character Sketches

What techniques do storytellers use to create characters? In this lesson, students will analyse how a character's personality traits, actions and motives influence the plot of a story. They will use their senses to create character sketches, then dramatize the character for an audience.


ME3PO – creative arts with aliens

An alien-themed creative arts resource exploring music, visual arts and drama. Students discover futuristic sounds, create art and act like an alien.


Puppet masters

Create and experiment with puppets made out of paper!