Drama / Year 9 and 10

Curriculum content descriptions

Structure drama to engage an audience through manipulation of dramatic action, forms and performance styles and by using design elements (ACADRM050)

  • learning and applying the basic concepts for interpreting texts and contexts, directing dramatic action, and using available theatre technologies
  • focusing and strengthening the dramatic action by manipulating pace in movement and dialogue, cues, vocal tone, physical proximity between characters and transitions
  • structuring the performance space to convey dramatic meaning and sense of style for an audience
  • exploring realistic, non-realistic, innovative and hybrid dramatic forms and performance styles
  • Considering viewpoints – elements, materials, skills and processes: For example – How have the elements of drama been used in your work to convey your ideas? How are materials manipulated in this drama? How have the director and performers shaped skills and processes to make and communicate meaning? How have design elements been used?
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
ScOT terms

Plots (Stories),  Theatrical genres

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