Media arts / Foundation to Year 2

Curriculum content descriptions

Use media technologies to capture and edit images, sounds and text for a purpose (ACAMAM055)

  • experimenting with and managing a digital camera to capture still or moving images, for example, reviewing captured images, zooming in and out and deleting unwanted images
  • experimenting with sound recording technology and found objects to create and record sound effects to support a story
  • Considering viewpoints – elements, content: For example – What images will I keep or delete? Which image interests me and why?
  • which image interests me and why?
  • practising using computer software to add captions to images to enhance meaning in a photo story
  • trialling the selection and arrangement of images, sounds and text to organise important features of an idea or story
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • ICT capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability
ScOT terms

Artistic purpose,  Film editing


Puppet Pals HD

This is a free application for the iPad that focuses on creating plays using a library of eight animated fairytale characters and five background scenes. It features video, audio and a record function, as well as the ability to import background scenes from personal photo libraries, create actors from photos, and save, ...


Snapseed - Google Play app

Retouch, adjust perspective and re-edit your photos with this photoediting tool. Free when reviewed 26/5/2015


Play School Art Maker - iTunes app

Create collage pictures, short animations and slideshows with toys and craft items from ABC Play School. You can upload your own photos for background and add audio to the videos. Pictures and animations can be saved in app or exported to your device. Free when reviewed 27/5/2015


Indigenous Australian collection

This federated search from the QAGOMA database features a selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks from the collection. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, a map of major Indigenous regions in Australia, classroom activities, a glossary ...


Australian collection

This database features a selection of Australian artworks from QAGOMA. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, classroom activities, a glossary of key terms and curriculum alignment information for teachers. Search results can be refined by theme, period, ...