Music / Year 7 and 8

Curriculum content descriptions

Develop musical ideas, such as mood, by improvising, combining and manipulating the elements of music (ACAMUM093)

  • using technology to manipulate specific elements such as pitch and timbre to create intended effects in composition or performance
  • manipulating their voices through timbre and expressive techniques to convey intended style
  • Considering viewpoints – meanings and interpretations: For example – Why does the same piece sound different when different musicians play it?
  • experimenting with technology to sequence and combine ideas to enhance intentions in compositions and performances
  • listening to and interpreting different types of score conventions from different styles and traditions to develop their own style
  • experimenting with different types of notation to communicate and record ideas
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Musical elements


What is a Symphony Orchestra?

This set of resources introduces students to the instruments in a symphony orchestra and supports development of skills in aural identification of instrumental timbre. Conductor Richard Gill AO and musicians from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra introduce woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments in a video resource. ...