English / Year 7 / Language / Expressing and developing ideas

Curriculum content descriptions

Investigate vocabulary typical of extended and more academic texts and the role of abstract nouns, classification, description and generalisation in building specialised knowledge through language (ACELA1537)

General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
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Informative texts,  Vocabularies


Trade and Investment at a Glance

Using an illustrated report from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this Teacher guide provides ten learning sequences that engage students in the analysis and interpretation of data about Australian imports and exports. Students: identify Australia's major exports and imports; investigate international trade ...


Syllabus bites: types of sentences

A web page resource with information, teacher guides and activities on types of sentences to support the Australian Curriculum in English K–10. It has detailed activities, links to resources and quizzes.


Syllabus bites: Exploring Asia-related texts

This resource has information, links and study guides on Asia-related texts to support the Australian Curriculum in English for Year 7, 8, 9, 10.


47 Degrees: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support 47 Degrees, an account of the experiences of writer Justin D'Ath during the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. Explore themes of belonging, bravery, community, grief, resilience and the environment. This unit provides practical teaching ideas and an assessment task


Powerful youth voices

In this learning sequence students will develop an awareness of how an engaging writing voice can be used to effectively communicate ideas that are important to young people. Focusing on memoirs and performance poetry, this program supports students to appreciate the connection between style and a strong personal voice. ...


Writing Creation Myths

In this teaching activity students will explore how creation myths provide explanations for nature and science. They engage in an exercise writing adjectives and listen to digital creation myth stories. They then write original myths with support from a template, then retell them through a form of media.


How can a traditional folktale be adapted to a play?

In this lesson, students will read and compare Russian folktales. Students will be introduced to the elements of a plot, then become playwrights to write a play about a traditional Russian folktale


Work sample Year 7 English: Picture book

This work sample demonstrates evidence of student learning in relation to aspects of the achievement standards for Year 7 English. The primary purpose for the work sample is to demonstrate the standard, so the focus is on what is evident in the sample not how it was created. The sample is an authentic representation of ...


The Deep: Here Be Dragons: Unit of work

The Deep: Here Be Dragons is a graphic novel tells the tales of the Nekton family – a multiethnic family of Aquanauts who live on a submarine. It explores themes of discovery, family, hope, respect and the environment. This unit provides practical teaching ideas and an assessment task. This teacher resource provides practical ...


Seeing through a text

In this learning sequence, students explore how visual texts are constructed to position the reader. They investigate how the codes and conventions of visual forms are used to communicate ideas, issues and experiences. Students respond analytically and creatively to a range of visual texts, exploring and experimenting with ...


Representation in advertising

In this learning sequence students learn about the concept of representation, and that representations are purposefully constructed in genres such as advertising. They explore the codes and conventions of online representations and the ways that gender, age and ethnicities might be represented in the media. Students are ...


Writing Folktales

In this activity, students will analyse the characteristics of traditional folktales to write an original tale. They will use elements of folktales to develop their story and strengthen work through the writing process. Templates support students to structure their knowledge and skill development in this area.


Vampyre: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support the picture story book Vampyre. The book is told from the point of view of a vampire who is entering young adulthood with the responsibilities that come at that time in life. It shows the struggle to be an individual and find your identity. This unit provides practical teaching ...


Just Macbeth!: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support the novel Just Macbeth!. Using a group of Australian teenagers as the main characters, the novel plays with the themes of Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Macbeth. It explores themes of ambition, guilt and forgiveness, humour, trust and betrayal. This unit provides practical ...


Beach safety: video campaign

Look at the importance of water safety and skin protection at a beach. Talk with a lifeguard and beach goers about safety tips. Build a video for a public awareness campaign. Choose animated clips to illustrate responsible behaviour. Examine differences between formal and informal language. Select text for the script that ...


Persuasive Language

This PDF provides a valuable reference guide and teaching and learning resource for students and teachers on the purpose, features and influence of written and visual persuasive texts. The text provides the reader with information on the techniques employed in creating persuasive texts including appealing to emotions through ...


Tom Keneally's anti-hero

Do you know what an anti-hero is? Jimmie Blacksmith starts off in Thomas Keneally's novel as a typical hero, but before long turns into an anti-hero. What is the effect of this?


Alice Pung

This resource is a series of videos featuring writer Alice Pung. She talks about how her Chinese-Cambodian background and her experiences growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne inspired her to become a writer. Related resources and teaching notes are included.


Nicki Greenberg

This resource is a series of videos featuring writer Nicki Greenberg talking about her career and graphic novels. Related resources and teaching notes are included.


Aim to Sustain

Students identify and explore ways in which human activity can threaten biodiversity and the health of our planet. Students are encouraged to take positive action to promote sustainability. The four resources: Get the message, Help a habitat, Alien invaders and A world of difference include videos, SMART notebooks, worksheets ...