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English / Year 4 / Language / Phonics and word knowledge

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Curriculum content descriptions

Understand how to use phonic knowledge to read and write multisyllabic words with more complex letter combinations, including a variety of vowel sounds and known prefixes and suffixes (ACELA1828)

  • using phonic generalisations to read and write multisyllabic words with more complex letter combinations, for example ‘straightaway’ and ‘thoughtful’
  • recognising unstressed vowels in multisyllabic words and how these vowel sounds are written, for example ‘builder’ and ‘animal’
  • using knowledge of sounds and visual patterns to read and write more complex letter combinations that have multiple representations in writing, for example ‘boy’ and ‘boil’, ‘howl’ and ‘foul’, ‘taught ’and ‘saw’
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
ScOT terms

Syllables,  Affixes,  Vowels

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English Years 3 - 4 with Mrs Jegers: Syllable Surfing

In this lesson, Mrs Jegers teaches you how to monitor your understanding when you're reading. She takes you on a smooth ride, demonstrating how to be a syllable surfer by breaking down larger words by identifying vowel sounds and syllables.


Words and pictures: rhyme time

Meet Di, an artist who paints rhymes. Help Di paint three pictures by creating rhymes. Choose two words that rhyme such as lizard and wizard. Select a third word to make a phrase, for example a bear under a stair. Watch as Di paints a picture of the rhyming phrase.