Arabic / Year 7 and 8 / Understanding / Systems of language

Curriculum content descriptions

Understand features of the Arabic sound system, including intonation and pronunciation, and how these are represented in written form, and apply writing conventions to form letters, words and texts

[Key concepts: alphabetical systems, writing conventions, sound and letter differentiation; Key processes: distinguishing, relating, applying]


  • exploring the Arabic alphabet and script, noticing that sounds differ in both systems, for example, خ؛ ح؛ ط؛ ظ؛ ع؛ غ؛ ص؛ ض؛ ق, and that letters are joined in different ways to make words, for example,

    باب؛خال ؛ حال ؛ هذا؛ هي؛

  • discriminating between simple vowels, for example, تَ؛ تِ؛ تُ , long vowels such as تا؛ تي؛ تو, and consonant letters in a syllable block
  • recognising that letters change form depending on their place in the word, for example,

    ح: حصان؛ محب؛ سامح؛ ي: يد؛ لين؛ سامي

  • inferring from familiar sounds and contexts how to spell new words, for example, predicting how to spell هادي؛ وادي؛ شادي having learnt how to spell فادي
  • noticing that vocalisation such asَ؛ ِ؛ ُ may change the function of the word depending on where it is placed, for example, كَتَبَ؛ كُتُب؛ لَعِبَ؛ لُعَب
  • comparing the different ways to write the letter (أ), for example, ى؛ ؤ؛ئ أ, أ؛إ؛آ
  • pronouncing words following basic pronunciation rules
  • recognising the different ways of sounding the long vowel (ا), for example, ندا؛ ندى؛ لذا؛ لدى؛ متى؛ فتى, and writing the ء, for example, شيء؛ قراءة؛ مسؤول recognising variations in forms of spoken Arabic associated with particular regions, such as the pronunciation of رِز and سِكر in the Levant compared with سُكر and رُز in other Arabic-speaking regions
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Pronunciation,  Arabic language,  Alphabets (Writing systems),  Intonation

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