Chinese / Year 5 and 6 / Communicating / Socialising

Curriculum content descriptions

Interact and socialise with peers and known adults, exchanging ideas and opinions about personal experiences and social activities

[Key concepts: place, identity, community; Key processes: negotiating, transacting, arranging]


  • engaging others in conversation and inviting responses on issues relevant to their lives, such as traditional and modern lifestyles and values, and language learning by asking questions such as 你知道澳大利亚的国宝是什么吗?你觉得什么最好玩?
  • participating in class and school debates, acknowledging others’ opinions and presenting own with examples and personal experiences, for example, 虽然你说得很有道理,但是如果我们再想一想,如果你也经历过… 那么你也会同意…
  • using social media to maintain contact with classmates and record events in everyday life, by keeping a weekly or daily journal or blog, recording highlights of school or home life or leisure activities (for example, 今天我的足球队又输了,真没劲!), or a holiday experience, for example, 袋鼠岛游记
  • describing and elaborating on details of experiences in correspondence, for example, 这次暑假过得很愉快,我们全家去了巴厘岛。在那儿,我们天天在海边,有时候冲浪,有时候散步
  • composing text messages, emails, letters using appropriate formats and employing appropriate terms to address recipient, for example, 敬爱的王老师 (for a formal letter), 嘿,小王,最近好吗 (for a casual letter or message)
  • responding appropriately to invitations, including by accepting and declining, for example, 谢谢你的邀请,祝你生日快乐。但是我星期日要…对不起,不能参加你的聚会。希望你玩得高兴
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
  • ICT capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability
  • Ethical understanding Ethical understanding
ScOT terms

Socialisation,  Chinese languages

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