Chinese / Foundation to Year 2 / Understanding / Systems of language

Curriculum content descriptions

Reproduce the four tones and recognise how they can change the meaning of words (ACLCHU010)

  • noticing the tonal nature of spoken Chinese and using gestures to enhance the differentiation of tones
  • applying tones to diverse sounds in Chinese to express different meanings, and recognising differences between words with different tones, for example, mā and
  • practising the pronunciation of syllables that are unique to Chinese, such as nǚ, xià
  • working with classmates and teachers to identify initials (, b, p, m, d, t, g, k etc.) that are similar to English consonants (f, l, n, v)
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Word meanings,  Chinese languages,  Falling tone,  High tone,  Low tone,  Rising tone

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