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Curriculum content descriptions

Experiment with the pronunciation of vowel sounds, letter combinations and intonation patterns, and recognise and write high-frequency words and expressions in familiar contexts

[Key concepts: pronunciation, accent, spelling, writing; Key processes: alphabetic recognition, discriminating sounds, recognising words]


  • creating an alphabet bank, collecting words that begin with each letter, for example, H: l’hiver, l’homme, l’hôtel; M: mai, mardi, le mouchoir; P: le pain, Papa, le poisson
  • recognising and practising the most common vowel sounds, such as ou (vous, jour), oi (toi, voiture), on (bonbon, mon), ai (aimer, j’ai), ain (train, demain) and eau (chȃteau, beau)
  • observing differences in pronunciation of word endings shared with English such as -tion and -ent, for example, attention, situation, commencement, accident
  • understanding that some letters blend to make single sounds (such as -ille, -eau or qu-), that some final consonants in French words are usually silent (for example, le rat, le tapis, vert, chez) and some are usually pronounced (for example, chic, actif)
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Sight words,  Pronunciation,  Intonation,  Stress (Speech),  French language

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