Hindi / Year 9 and 10 / Understanding / Systems of language

Curriculum content descriptions

Extend knowledge and use more complex features and patterns of the Hindi grammatical system, such as the use of passive voice, compound words and phrases and variations in register

[Key concepts: grammatical systems, tense, sentence structure, cohesion; Key processes: understanding, classifying, applying]


  • indicating situations and events by using past, present and future tense forms, for example, जाता था, जाता हूँ, जाऊँगा
  • creating simple sentences using conjunctions such as राम ने खाना खाया और सो गया।
  • creating compound and complex sentences such as मैं पहले दिल्ली जाऊँगा और अपना काम पूरा करने के बाद कोलकता पहुँचूँगा।
  • expanding vocabulary related to personal, social, environmental and global worlds
  • recognising and using idiomatic expressions such as आँख का तारा and दाल में कुछ काला
  • using numbers in fraction, multiple and collective forms, for example, आधा, चौथाई, एक तिहाई, सैंकड़ों, हज़ारों, तीन गुणा
  • continuing to build and expand metalanguage to describe grammatical concepts and to organise learning resources such as verb charts, vocabulary lists and groups of pronouns, adverbs and adjectives
  • understanding and extending knowledge of basic joining (सन्धि) rules, such as इ+आ = ए
  • extending knowledge of the use of the active and passive voice according to context, for example, राम उर्दू लिख रहा है। उर्दू लिखी जा रही है।
  • understanding the function and use of case (कारक), for example, ने, को, से, के लिए, में, पर
  • using participles (पदबंध): imperfect – डूबती हुई नाव, perfect – डूबी हुई नाव, adverbial present – रोते हुए, लिखते हुए, adverbial past – वह लड़की का हाथ पकड़े हुए था, वाला as participle – सब्जी वाला, डिब्बे वाला
  • using a range of tenses in complex sentences to describe events and personal experiences, for example, पिछले वर्ष जैसे हमने होली का त्योहार मनाया था, उसी प्रकार इस वर्ष भी हम होली का त्योहार धूमधाम से मनाएंगे।
  • understanding that in different contexts words from different registers are used for related concepts, such as इंसाफ़ and न्याय
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
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