Italian / Year 9 and 10 / Communicating / Creating

Curriculum content descriptions

Respond to imaginative texts, stating views about themes, events and values, and making connections with own experiences as appropriate

[Key concepts: relationship, imagination; Key processes: comparing, connecting/relating; Key text types: narrative, biography, song]


  • listening to and reading narratives, biographies and autobiographies to explore representations of life experience in relation to concepts such as adolescence, relationships and roles
  • identifying practices, values and beliefs of characters in extracts from contemporary Italian literature, film and popular culture, comparing these with texts in own language and culture and with their own experiences
  • exploring how values and practices may have changed over time by comparing texts from different eras, for example, analysing the lyrics of Italian popular songs and singer/songwriters (cantautori), for example, ‘L’italiano’ by Toto Cutugno
  • reflecting on own experiences, practices, attitudes, interpretations and reactions and those of characters in imaginative texts, for example, Anch’io penso che …, In Australia invece …; Non credo di [+ infinitive …] …, Anch’io ho avuto/sperimentato …
  • changing aspects of a story (for example, locating it in a different time or place, or developing an alternative ending) and explaining the significance of such changes
  • writing poems, letters or emails to characters from a story or film, for example, Pinocchio
  • interpreting how sounds, images, body language and language choices in texts such as songs and films carry Italian values, for example what aspects of the film, in La vita è bella convey the importance of love and family in Italian culture
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
  • ICT capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability
ScOT terms

Imaginative texts,  Themes (Texts),  Italian language


Work sample Year 9 - 10 Italian: Caterina va in città

This work sample demonstrates evidence of student learning in relation to aspects of the achievement standards for Year 9 - 10 Italian: Caterina va in città. The primary purpose for the work sample is to demonstrate the standard, so the focus is on what is evident in the sample not how it was created. The sample is an ...


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