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Translate simple texts from Turkish to English and vice versa, identifying elements that require interpretation rather than translation and noticing words that are similar but pronounced differently

[Key concepts: meaning, interpretation, culture; Key processes: identifying, translating, classifying]


  • explaining in English the meaning of Turkish expressions that do not translate literally, comparing with expressions in English for which there are no easy Turkish translations
  • finding expressions in English that convey similar meanings to those expressed in phrases used in advertisements, shop signs or folktales, such as ateş pahası, darısı başına, küplere binmek, kulakları çınlamak, pabucu dama atılmak, güme gitmek, demli çay and ocakbaşı
  • identifying words that are similar in Turkish and English, comparing their spelling, pronunciation, intonation and stress in the two languages, for example, ağustos, alfabe, ansiklopedi, çikolata, doktor, elektrik, fotoğraf, laboratuvar, paraşüt, tren, veteriner, yoğurt
  • creating and cross-referencing banks of Turkish words and phrases that do or do not have direct equivalents in English
  • working out the meaning of unfamiliar English words and expressions used in other curriculum areas, such as ‘drought’, ‘starvation’, ‘flood’, ‘snowstorm’, and considering how they would convey their meaning in Turkish, for example, kuraklık, açlık, kıtlık, sel, kar fırtınası
  • collecting examples of proverbs used in their families, such as Damlaya damlaya göl olur, Ak akçe kara gün içindir, Denize düşen yılana sarılır, and discussing how to explain their meaning to non-Turkish speaking friends
  • learning to use bilingual print and digital dictionaries, identifying issues such as multiple meanings for words and the fact that meaning is not always literal
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
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