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Notice characteristic features of simple spoken, written and multimodal texts that they use in their home and community and of similar texts in English

[Key concepts: genre, language features; Key processes: identifying, comparing, distinguishing]


  • recognising features of familiar texts that they interact with at home and in school, such as digital books, puppet shows, rhymes or children’s songs, for example, how Karagöz ve Hacıvat talk, rhyming words in the song Küçük Kurbağa
  • recognising differences between the layout, language features and formats of different types of texts such as masal, şarkı, şiir, mektup, makale, haber metni
  • identifying and comparing characteristic elements in texts such as poems or fables, for example, kuklalar ve gölge oyunları, şiirde kafiye, dize ve dörtlük, masallardaki insanüstü kişiler ve olaylar
  • recognising differences between spoken and written versions of texts such as greetings or farewells, merhaba, hoşça kal; or how güle güle can be used in spoken texts, but Sevgili Ayşe Teyze and görüşmek dileğiyle would be used in written texts
  • comparing familiar texts in Turkish and English and noticing features they have in common, for example, the start of fairytales in English, ‘Once upon a time …’ compared to Bir varmış, bir yokmuş, evvel zaman içinde ... in Turkish; rhymes, lines and verses in English and Turkish poems
  • distinguishing between different types of texts based on identified purpose and intended audience, for example, differences between SMS mesajı-telefon görüşmesi, yazılı piyes-kukla oyunu, masal-fıkra.
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
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