Turkish / Year 9 and 10 / Understanding / Systems of language

Curriculum content descriptions

Know how to construct different types of texts to suit different contexts, purposes and audiences, incorporating appropriate cultural elements

[Key concepts: genre, context, register, mode, audience; Key processes: analysing, comparing, composing]


  • identifying the intended purpose and audience of particular texts by analysing language features and text structures, such as colourful and persuasive language in advertisements compared to economical, factual language in product labelling or signage; and applying their understanding to the composition of their own texts
  • discussing the significance of particular types of texts that reflect cultural values or priorities, such as language and interactions associated with celebrations, for example, the use of dialogue and oath in Andımız and Gençliğin Atatürk’e Cevabı, or the adoption of terms from other languages in various expressions of popular culture such as artık trend topik olamayacağım
  • analysing persuasive texts such as advertisements, slogans or speeches, recognising the use of rhetorical devices and emotive language to engage the intended audience
  • composing spoken and written versions of a particular text type, such as an instruction or observation, to demonstrate how text mode determines selection of language features and text structure
  • identifying ways that texts achieve cohesion, for example, by explaining the effects of paragraphing or cohesive devices used to sequence and link ideas and maintain the flow of expression, for example, konu cümlesi, giriş, gelişme ve sonuç paragrafları, ‘İlk olarak, Bununla beraber, Bu nedenle’ gibi bağlaçlar
  • using knowledge of characteristic elements of particular types of texts to make meaning of unfamiliar content, for example, by recognising terms associated with time or place in airport announcements, or by ‘reading’ images as well as written text in advertisements
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
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Turkish language

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