Mathematics / Year 2 / Number and Algebra / Number and place value

Curriculum content descriptions

Explore the connection between addition and subtraction (ACMNA029)

  • becoming fluent with partitioning numbers to understand the connection between addition and subtraction
  • using counting on to identify the missing element in an additive problem
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

Subtraction,  Addition


Wishball challenge: tens

Challenge your understanding of place value in whole numbers up to 99. Receive a starting number, such as 86, and work towards turning it into a target number, such as 18, within 20 turns. Spin a random digit, choose its decimal place value and use the given operation (either addition or subtraction) on your starting number. ...


Salute - Calculate

This game gives students opportunities to practise addition and subtraction strategies and develop algebraic thinking by finding unknown values in additive equations.


Space Race Game (Introducing Algorithmic Thinking) - Calculate

Space Race is a simple board game that teachers can use to introduce the concept of algorithmic sequencing to students. The teaching points provided with the game assist teachers to introduce the use of an algorithm (a simple set of mathematical instructions) to describe the trajectory of an object across a grid plane from ...


Algebra: Foundation to Year 9

This comprehensive resource describes the progression of algebra-related ideas and algebraic thinking. The resource demonstrates examples of relevant teaching strategies, investigations, activity plans and connected concepts in algebra including teaching and cultural implications.


The Mathscots: Level 2 Teaching Guide

This teaching guide provides a range of associated activities for each of the Mathscots episodes at Year 2. The guide contains a summary of the mathematical focus in each episode, a range of scaffolded learning experiences for before, during and after viewing each video, activities for families at home, and sets of printable ...


The Mathscots: Knit 1, Purr 1

In this animated video, Abacus the cat keeps a count of the hats, scarves and leg warmers that Ada and Al knit for the Mathscots. The mathematical focus is on counting by 1s and skip counting by 2s and 4s, choosing procedures for efficiency; using facts of 10, additive thinking and place value concepts; noticing, observing ...


The Mathscots: Dog Feeder Dilemma

In this animated video, Prime’s new dog feeder is not working as it should. Can Abacus help Prime get the food she needs? The mathematical focus is on multiplication facts for twos using doubling; modelling and representing simple additive and multiplicative situations and problem solving. The video includes a full transcript ...


The Mathscots: Sharing the Sausages

In this animated video, Prime the puppy uses multiplication, division and subtraction to work out how many sausages are served at dinner. The mathematical focus is on representing array problems with available materials and explaining reasoning; visualising a group of objects as a unit and using this to calculate the number ...


Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 20

This two-week unit develops student knowledge, understanding and skills that problems can be solved and represented in different ways.


Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 11

This sample unit provides further develops students' knowledge, understanding and skills of place value and number representation.


Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 6

This sample multi-age unit explores the big idea 'equal means equivalent'.


Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 16

This two-week unit provides students with opportunities to explore different situations where you can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 10

This unit develops understanding and skills of position and chance.


Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 4

Smaller numbers can be found hiding in bigger numbers – develops student knowledge, understanding and skills in using combinations of numbers.


Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 9

Smaller numbers can be found hiding in understanding, and skills of combining and separating quantities.


Crocodile and Shark (F–3) - Calculate

In this game students practise addition and subtraction of numbers from the face of a die, using multiple strategies.


Make 10 - Calculate

This game challenges students to choose pairs of cards that sum to ten. The game develops students' skills of addition and subtraction, creating simple equations and using mathematical language to describe their thinking processes.


Pattern & Algebra Year 2 - Calculate

The focus of this activity is to discover if students can use numbers to describe a pattern that it written as a description. From here we are interested in finding out if students can interpret the pattern, discover the rule and apply this rule to find missing or future terms.


Duck in a Bucket - Calculate

In this game for pairs or teams, students practise addition and subtraction of small numbers, using multiple strategies.


Domino Bingo - Calculate

In this game, students add single digit numbers and subitise domino dot patterns.