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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Geometry  >  Solids (Geometry)
Interactive resource

Contours: mystery shapes [Flash Player version]

Look at how contour lines are used on maps to represent the shape of landforms. Compare side and top views of geometrical objects such as a cone and a hemisphere. Examine geometrical objects on a 3D landscape. Place contours of geometrical objects on a map to match a 3D landscape. This learning object is one in a series ...

Teacher resource

Construction of prisms and pyramids

This is a website designed for both teachers and students that refers to the construction of prisms and pyramids from the Australian Curriculum for year 6 students. It contains material on prisms and pyramids including their properties and their construction from nets. There are pages for both teachers and students. The ...

Interactive resource

Shape maker: complex objects 1

Transform 2D shapes to make a stack of 3D objects. Start with a shape such as a crescent, semicircle, circle, triangle or rectangle. For example, spin a semicircle around its straight edge to form a sphere or extrude it to form a half cylinder. Choose a shape and imagine it being spun around an axis or extruded. Picture ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Face painter: finding faces 1

Identify polygons on a range of prisms and polyhedra such as a cube, square pyramid or triangular prism. Picture in your head all sides of a solid. Estimate how many faces the object has. Rotate it to see all of its faces. Paint each face of a given shape such as a triangle or rectangle.