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Pushing and pulling: assessment

Test your understanding of push and pull forces by moving animals using monkey power. Investigate and then predict the effects of applying a force to move a range of objects of various mass. For example, select two monkeys to move a pelican, and predict whether they will move the pelican slowly, quickly or too fast.

Assessment resource

The elements: elements and compounds: assessment

Assess your understanding of the difference between elements and compounds. Deconstruct substances to see their component elements. Correctly identify and label substances as elements or compounds. Answer a series of nine questions on the nature of elements and compounds and the difference between them. Print out a report ...

Teacher resource

Number trains: counting on: assessment: teacher guide

Use this resource with 'Number trains: counting on: assessment' (L8276). First, see a profile of that assessment object, which gives you some helpful background information. Then follow clear guidelines on the interpretation of student input related to counting forwards and backwards from a given number. Included are information ...

Teacher resource

Primary Connections: Up, down and all around

This is an extensive teaching unit focused on learning, through a collaborative, inquiry-based approach, about the changes that occur to natural, managed and constructed environments. It includes comprehensive lesson plans, as well as student handouts and other teaching resources, for seven structured lessons that form ...

Assessment resource

Solar eclipse: assessment

Test your understanding of the phenomena of solar eclipses by manipulating interactive models in response to directions, by answering multiple-choice questions and by responding to open-ended questions. View and print a report on your work. This assessment object is one in a series of two objects.

Assessment resource

Fix the mix-up: conference: assessment

Examine the mixed-up presentations of two conference speakers, which each display texts and visuals inappropriate to the speaker’s field. Find out what the audiences expect from the two presenters. Then review each presentation, examining the texts for language style, structure and delivery mode. Change the text and visuals ...

Assessment resource

Scale matters: decimal numbers: assessment

Test what you know about using scales ranging from hundreds and tens down to tenths and hundredths. Look at two numbers and place a third number on a number line. Rename the third number by assigning place values for each digit or group of digits. For example, look at the numbers 74.6 and 76 on a number line and select ...

Interactive Resource

CFA: bushfire interactive

This is an interactive resource containing a game, interactive simulations, detailed information and links to other useful information on bushfire readiness, including a downloadable fire plan. It consists of three sections - Fire risk, How a fire behaves and Fire safety - covering topics such as fire danger rating, radiant ...

Interactive Resource

CFA: am I at risk?

This is an online resource that describes four different areas of habitation and provides a list of points for each area describing what to expect in the event of a bushfire, to assist people to understand their level of risk. The four areas of habitation are: close to or among grass or paddocks, close to or among forest ...


CFA: fire safety on the farm

This is an online resource about farm fire safety containing two sections - Key advice for farmers and Essential steps before fire season - in point form, as well as a link to a downloadable PDF containing agricultural fire management guidelines. There is also a link to a resource on hay and fire safety. This resource is ...


CFA publications

This is an online resource with links to downloadable publications including brochures, guides, plans and fact sheets on fire safety and related topics. There are also links to reports and policies, documents in languages other than English, Brigade magazine and audio versions of summer fire-safety information. This resource ...


CFA fact sheets

This is an online resource containing fact sheets on topics including Ash Wednesday, What CFA does, Safety in the home and CFA firefighters. Each fact sheet can be downloaded as a PDF. This resource is provided for students by Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria.


CFA: can I or can't I?

This online resource is a brochure in the form of a downloadable PDF that explains what you can and can't do during declared Fire Danger Periods and on days of Total Fire Ban. The brochure sets out clearly and in detail the restrictions and guidelines that apply to certain activities such as lighting campfires, having barbeques, ...

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CFA House bushfire self assessment tool

This is an internet-based presentation designed to educate users about the behaviour of bushfires and the steps required to prepare for and defend property in the event of a bushfire. Simple navigation buttons guide the user through sequenced information presented as text, images and diagrams, animations, checklists and ...

Teacher resource

Bushfire education: what is fire safety

This is a teacher resource containing a lesson plan that focuses on safety, with guidelines for two class discussion topics: Helpful fires, dangerous fires; and Who keeps us safe from bushfires? The lesson plan includes suggestions for activities and props that will encourage awareness of the importance of fire safety. ...

Teacher resource

Bushfire education: emergency triple zero

This is a teacher resource containing a lesson plan based on an interactive online narrative, Triple zero kids' challenge - story 8. It provides guidelines for a class discussion about a story of two children who come across a bushfire. The story prompts the user to dial 000 on a simulated mobile phone and poses the types ...

Teacher resource

Bushfire education: types of fires - good and bad

This is a teacher resource containing a lesson plan that provides guidelines for class discussion about why some fires are helpful while others cause problems, and includes suggestions for activities and games that will encourage awareness of fire safety. High-quality photographs that can be used to assist the discussion ...

Teacher resource

Bushfire education: the Fire triangle and exploring what a fire needs to burn

This is a teacher resource containing a lesson plan that provides guidelines for a class discussion about what conditions a fire requires to ignite and continue burning. The lesson plan includes a suggestion for a teacher to demonstrate that a fire requires oxygen, fuel and heat and also includes a section on bushfire risk, ...

Teacher resource

Bushfire education: radiant heat

This is teacher resource containing a lesson plan that provides guidelines for a class discussion about radiant heat. It includes suggestions for teacher demonstrations and student activities on radiant heat. High-quality photographs that can be used to assist the discussion are provided. This resource is part of the Bushfire ...


Bushfire education: bushfire myth busters

This is a downloadable fact sheet which aims to dispel popular myths about bushfires, with 13 myths grouped into three themes: learning about bushfires, preparing for bushfires and responding to bushfires. Each myth contains a brief description of evidence that discounts the particular misconception about bushfire safety. ...