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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Algebra
Interactive resource

Squirt: three containers

Examine the relationships between capacities of various containers. Look at three containers that may have different diameters, heights and shapes. Fill a container and squirt liquids between the containers to establish the proportional relationship. Work out the third 'unlinked' relationship from two known relationships. ...

Interactive resource

Exploring algebra

Calculate a disc jockey's profit or loss when he sells records. Use algebraic notation to represent variables. For example, T = 56 + 3n (where T is total expenses and n is the number of records produced). Calculate revenue and expenses, then work out the profit or loss.

Interactive resource

Balance the cups

Put blocks (or balls) into the cups on the scales to make them balance, using the number rules A = B + C and A + B = C + D. Use your knowledge of addition and multiplication to help you work out how many blocks you need in each cup. Finish the number sentence to show an equal number of blocks on each side. This learning ...