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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Number (Mathematics)  >  Proportions  >  Simple fractions
Interactive resource

How to find fractions on a number line

This interactive animated presentation demonstrates the representation of positive and negative fractions on a number line. Students are required to demonstrate their understanding by naming and locating fractions on the number line.

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Fraction fiddle: matching cake fractions

Fill orders in a cake shop. Match a fraction to parts of a cake. For example, identify the fraction of a cake remaining after it has had one quarter removed. Check your prediction by making the fraction and seeing what it looks like as part of a circle. Watch the circle change as you adjust the numerals in the numerator ...

Interactive resource

Decimaster: match-up 2

Explore ways of representing decimals using mathematical notation and visual tools. Match a decimal fraction between 0 and 1 such as 0.7. Adjust units on a range of visual scales and other representations. Work through these representations in any order: common fraction, number line, counting frame, dial, array and pie ...

Interactive resource

Fraction fiddle: tool

Use a tool to explore what happens when you change the numerals in a fraction. Compare two fractions and find out which is larger. For example, decide whether 4/3 is larger than 7/5. Build the two fractions. Compare the fractions on a number line. A handy tool for use on an interactive whiteboard.

Interactive resource

Neighbourhood fractions

Help a town planner to design site plans. Assign regions on a 10x20 grid for different uses. Calculate the percentage and the fraction of the total site used for each region. Use a number line to display fractions and equivalent decimals. Design site plans for a: 1. Neighbourhood; 2. City; 3. Farm. This learning object ...

Interactive resource

Fraction fiddle: reach the target

Help a boy to hit a bullseye with his paper plane. Build two fractions that add up to a target number up to two. Complete the numerators of both fractions (one may have a fixed denominator). For example, work out how many thirds and how many sixths can be added together to total 4/3. Look at fraction bars and a number line ...

Interactive resource

Wishball: tournament

Challenge your understanding of place value in whole numbers and decimal fractions, from 0.001 to 9999. Either add or subtract numbers to reach a target number. For example, receive a starting number of 39.61. Spin the number 5 and decide whether to add or subtract 0.05, 0.5, 5 or 50 to reach your target number of 70.12 ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Cassowary fractions

Help a park ranger to arrange fencing in a wildlife sanctuary. Divide common geometric shapes into equal-sized sections for keeping cassowaries. Group the enclosures to form a quarantine zone for sick or injured birds. Then express the divisions of the enclosures as fractions. This learning object is one in a series of ...

Interactive resource

Decimaster collections: match-up 3

Explore ways of representing decimals using mathematical notation and visual tools. Match a decimal fraction between 0 and 4 such as 2.6. Adjust two sets of units on a range of visual scales and other representations. Work with a random selection of two of these representations: common fraction, number line, counting frame, ...

Interactive resource

Shape fractions

Use this tool to explore how to express fractions and display them in different ways. Divide simple shapes into equal parts. Select regions, then express the area selected as a fraction (or equivalent). Manually select fractions or choose other options to set variables displayed.