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Graph investigator: types of graphs

This learning object shows a variety of graphs used in data handling and explains their features, their different uses and their advantages. Graph types include stem-and-leaf plots, histogram, box-and-whisker, scatter plot, pie graph, line graph and column graph. This learning object is one in a series of seven objects. ...

Moving Image


Graphs can be used to illustrate the relationship between two variables. Watch this fun animation from NASA to learn the basics of graphing.

Interactive resource

Random or not: analyse numbers of jubes (1:1:1)

Test a machine that randomly packages three types of fruit jubes: penguin, fish or frog. Notice that each jube type is equally likely to be produced within a packet of 12 jubes. Look at patterns in numbers of jube types, such as 3 penguins, 4 fish and 5 frogs (the most common in this sample). Analyse the results of large ...

Interactive resource

Effects of light intensity on photosynthesis

Find out how light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis in a plant. Adjust the light intensity of a torch beaming on a water plant and then observe how this affects the oxygen flow. Measure the amount of oxygen produced by the plant at various light intensity rates using the oxygen flow meter. Record your data and ...