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Water types [includes spoken instructions]

Test water samples for salinity levels and sediment content. The samples have been collected from five different places: dam, stream, river, river mouth and ocean. Compare the water properties, then match the samples with their original locations.

Interactive resource

Resort rescue: coastal protection [ESL]

Look at long-term effects of development at a beach resort. Explore effects on fish stocks, coral cover, wildlife, sedimentation and coastal erosion. Consider social and economic impacts. Compare proposals to plant mangroves, cocos palms or build a sea wall. Try to maximise economic performance, environmental protection ...

Interactive resource

Saibai Island canoe

Take a traditional Torres Strait Island ocean-going canoe on a fishing trip and discover the importance of the sea to the local people. Explore a map of the Torres Strait Islands showing the main island groups. Examine a traditional outrigger canoe from Saibai Island. Look at the origins and construction of the hull, sails, ...