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Interactive resource

Timetable: music festival challenge

Work out a program for the Auckland music festival. Find the flight times and other travel details for acts coming from different parts of Australia, New Zealand and Norfolk Island. Calculate the earliest and latest times they can perform. Check for extra information, like changes in time zones, connecting flights, or Stage ...

Assessment resource

Fair test: design a fair test: assessment

Test your understanding of experiments in a plant research laboratory. Investigate the effects of variables on the growth of tomatoes. Examine the effect of temperature on growth. Research the answers to questions about how to achieve optimum hydroponic growth conditions.


Harlequin dessert plate, 1930-34

This is a Harlequin dessert plate made from formaldehyde resin powder by Australian Moulding Corporation / Moulded Products (Australasia) sometime between 1930 and 1934. It has a mottled orange, red, blue and yellow surface.


Pedigree Dogs

This 12 minute video segment from Catalyst demonstrates how scientific knowledge can improve the well-being of our domestic pets and change public opinion. This show exemplifies the benefits of the application of our understanding of genetics and evolution.

Interactive resource

Test for oxygen, carbon dioxide and water

Discover which of five different tests can be used to identify the presence of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Choose one of these three matters essential to life. Then perform each of the five tests in turn to determine if the matter is present in the test tube. Record your findings and use them to answer the conclusion ...

Interactive resource

Wishball challenge: hundredths

Test your understanding of decimal place value with numbers that include hundredths. Receive a starting number, such as 46.87, and work towards turning it into a target number, such as 85.32. Spin a random digit, choose its decimal place value and use the given operation (either addition or subtraction) on your starting ...

Teacher resource

Teaching AC English

This is a resource for instructional leaders and teachers containing video vignettes and supporting text that demonstrate differentiation and explicit teaching of the Australian Curriculum: English in the areas of reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar across a range of classrooms from Foundation to year 10. The vignettes ...

Interactive resource


Investigate properties of plastics used to make products such as DVDs and skateboard wheels. Identify properties needed for an electric kettle, an egg-lifter, a helmet and shoe soles. Test a range of properties such as melting point, tensile strength and flexibility. Find out which plastic is most suitable for each product. ...

Teacher resource

Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

This Curriculum aims to support schools and teachers in the promotion of safety for all students. It includes lessons about personal safety and awareness, cyber-safety and telephone safety. The Curriculum is structured sequentially and developmentally across three phases of learning: Prep - Year 2, Years 3 - 6, and Years ...