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Interactive resource

Samurai castle: Daimyo [Japanese]

Retrieve the precious treasures locked up in the Daimyo's castle. Solve kanji puzzles to elude the Samurai, explore the castle grounds and find the three Keys that unlock the treasure room of the castle. Identify kanji with similar components to pass unseen through guarded checkpoints. Recognise components of kanji and ...

Interactive resource

Biz whiz unleashed: compete for customers

Run a neighbourhood pet service. Find opportunities to boost customer numbers for your business and beat other companies. Attract new customers, build a good reputation and earn more money than your competitors. Market the business creatively and introduce new services. Use your resources efficiently; make sure you have ...

Interactive resource

Energy chains: side effects

Build energy chains that make electricity. Select different energy sources and choose energy-converters to match. Arrange converters into the correct chain so that the energy can be delivered as electricity. Examine the waste products and side effects that occur with each converter. For example, find out the environmental ...

Interactive resource

Dice duels: lucky 16 game

Play a dice game with 16 counters. Try to predict the best positions for the counters before the game starts. Add the numbers on a pair of dice to determine which counter to remove. Find out whether some numbers are more likely to clear quickly from the the game board. Explore how many rolls are needed to complete a game. ...

Interactive resource

Dragon's jumble: garden: four parts

Help a dragon remember what happened in his garden. View four pictures from a recount. Place the pictures in the correct order. Choose sentences to match what is happening in the pictures. Add temporal connectives such as 'first of all', 'before long' and 'lastly' to show the order of events. Watch an animation of the completed ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Wishball challenge: whole numbers

Test your understanding of decimal place value with whole numbers. Receive a starting number, such as 3786, and work towards turning it into a target number, 7664. Spin a random digit, choose its decimal place value and use the given operation (either addition or subtraction) on your starting number. Be careful not to overshoot ...

Interactive resource

Tectonics investigator: hot spots [ESL]

Identify how the movement of tectonic plates produces features of the Earth’s surface. Investigate hot spots and volcanic chains. Predict the formation of seamounts and new volcanic islands. This learning object is the third in a series of three objects.

Interactive Resource

Muck and brass

This interactive game is about town planning in Britain during the Industrial Revolution. It focuses on towns that have experienced rapid growth due to industrialisation but which have poor air quality and no efficient sewage disposal. Students assume the role of advisor to a town councillor who wants to improve the health ...

Interactive Resource

The Foos: Free Code Hour - Google Play app

Learn programming skills by animating characters in the puzzle levels. Use your new programming skills to create interactions between characters in the 'toy box' area. Free when reviewed on 12/5/2015.

Interactive resource

Dragon temple: level 1 [Chinese]

Find your way through ancient temple grounds to a hidden treasure room. Solve word puzzles as you go. Identify components of Chinese characters and fit them together in the right order. Identify characters with similar components. Notice that characters are often formed from two or more basic characters. For example, the ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Musical number patterns: music maker

Make some music by building up rhythms for four instruments. Choose a starting point on a number line and build a counting rule. Count in lots between 2 and 10 until you reach 36. Add your number several times on the number line to make a pattern. For example, set up a sound pattern where a trumpet waits on the first note, ...

Interactive resource

The multiplier: generate hard multiplications

Solve multiplications such as 67x88. Use a partitioning tool to help solve randomly generated multiplications. Learn strategies to do complex arithmetic in your head. Split a multiplication into parts that are easy to work with, use simple times tables, then solve the original calculation. This learning object is one in ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Cassowary fractions

Help a park ranger to arrange fencing in a wildlife sanctuary. Divide common geometric shapes into equal-sized sections for keeping cassowaries. Group the enclosures to form a quarantine zone for sick or injured birds. Then express the divisions of the enclosures as fractions. This learning object is one in a series of ...