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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Engineering  >  Construction  >  Environmental engineering  >  Lighting
Interactive resource

Optics and refraction: light angle

Look at light rays travelling through air and glass. Notice how light bends as it passes from one substance to another. Try to predict whether the ratio of the angles of light will change if the direction of the light ray changes. This learning object is one in a series of three objects. The series is also packaged as a ...

Interactive resource

Lights, camera, action: lighting

Explore how lighting effects are used in films to tell a story. Learn words used to describe light levels and lighting effects. See how combinations of lighting can hide or reveal things, set a mood and influence audience feelings. Look at ways to create feelings such as excitement, humour or fear. For example, dim lighting ...

Teacher resource

Primary Connections: Light Shows

This comprehensive teacher resource explores the properties of light through a series of collaborative inquiry-based learning activities. Reflection, absorption and refraction of light, and consideration of how humans use light, are investigated using hands-on activities. Eight structured lessons are included, with comprehensive ...

Interactive resource

Lighting: light travels in straight lines

Align a light source with holes in panels to test the direction that light rays travel. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.

Interactive resource

Effects of light intensity on photosynthesis

Find out how light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis in a plant. Adjust the light intensity of a torch beaming on a water plant and then observe how this affects the oxygen flow. Measure the amount of oxygen produced by the plant at various light intensity rates using the oxygen flow meter. Record your data and ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Light and Matter

Links to resources to explore fundamental questions about light and matter and the application of the physics of light and matter to the past, the future and to space. Includes a quick quiz, links to additional DEC NSW physics resources and to the International Science School at the University of Sydney.

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Light and shadows

Look at how a tree makes a shadow during a sunny day. Notice that objects always casts shadows that face away from the Sun. Examine how the shape and position of a shadow is related to the time of day and position of the Sun. Explore the shadows cast by different objects such as a bike, an umbrella and a child. Position ...