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Global workplace: chef

Find out whether you are suited to working in another country as a chef. Identify your job and lifestyle preferences. Compare your preferences with working conditions and cultural environments in other countries. For example, the way in which chefs work with others may be different between countries. Explore which factors ...

Interactive resource

Fashion design: market research

Examine customer profiles: gender, age, workplace, hobbies and major spending habits. Analyse results of a market survey of people's clothing preferences. Review pie charts and customer interviews. Compare the current survey results with last year's. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words. This learning object is ...

Interactive resource

Leisure survey: popular sports

Explore which sports kids like to play. Choose questions to ask in a survey. For example, look at whether kids play basketball, tennis or netball. Examine a table of results. Sort the data and use it to answer questions. Display the results using a suitable type of graph such as a pie chart, bar graph or histogram. Identify ...

Interactive resource

Healthy life survey: bringing lunch to school

Explore how many kids bring lunch to school and whether their lunch contains fruit. Choose questions to ask in a survey. For example, look at the percentages of kids at different ages who bring lunch to school. Examine a table of results. Sort the data and use it to answer questions. Display the results choosing a suitable ...

Interactive Resource

Earthquake catalogue

View past earthquakes around the work including by using Google Earth. Search the catalgue and select preset options including magnitude, time period and geographic region. Options to chose the most appropriate output include the default clickable map and list format; CSV(spreadsheet-friendly) or KML (required for Google ...

Interactive Resource

Earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 and above, last seven days - SpatialGenie map layer

This is a map, showing a real-time feed of earthquakes that have occurred over the past seven days. Students use the spatial visualisation tool, SpatialGenie, to explore this map as spatial data. They can investigate this map alone or add other map layers. Students use shape tools to measure area and distance, and they ...

Interactive Resource

The water cycle for kids

This interactive resource is a pictorial water-cycle diagram accompanied by an explanation. The resource shows an illustration of a landscape with stylised water drops representing changes of state such as precipitation and evaporation. The visual style is designed to be engaging to children. Simplified versions of the ...


Earthshots: satellite images of environmental change - Singapore

This resource is a series of satellite images of Singapore showing changes from 1973 to 2009 accompanied by a text explanation and a brief history of Singapore from British colonisation in 1819. The images and text together chart changes over time such as the destruction of the original tropical rainforest apart from small ...


Earthshots: satellite images of environmental change - Beijing, China

This resource is a series of satellite images of Beijing showing changes from 1977 to 2011 accompanied by a text explanation including a recent history of the development of Beijing. The text describes visible features such as the Inner City, the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace Museum), the Temple of Heaven, one of three ...


Earthshots: satellite images of environmental change - Lake Chad, Africa

This resource is a series of satellite images of Lake Chad in Africa, showing its decline due to prolonged drought and increased water use from 1963 to 2003, accompanied by a text explanation, including a brief history of the lake. The text describes the geographical features of the freshwater lake, the effect of the region's ...


The USGS Water Science School

This resource is a website with extensive information about water, including the water cycle, water properties, surface water and groundwater, droughts, floods and tsunamis, and water quality. It also includes a section on hydroelectricity. There is an emphasis on data from the USA. The resource includes a photo gallery, ...


USGS Education: kids

This resource is a website with information, games, stories and activities about animals for children. The default interface is a colourful design that would appeal to young children, with a link provided to open an alternative interface for parents, and with activities listed by age group. The resource includes detailed ...


USGS stories

This resource is a web page with links to three fictional stories about a declining bee population, helping wildlife and climate change. Each story has an animal as a main character; the stories include: Beatrice the bee; Emily’s bluebird; and The perils of Polina - a polar bear. Each story can be read sequentially by using ...