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Teacher resource

Needs verses Wants - Making Choices

This is a resource about consumer choices and the difference between needs and wants. It is presented as a teacher guide with learning activities that include making decisions about purchasing items based on available resources and defining and identifying needs and wants. The resource includes: learning outcomes; a description; ...


Changing technology in the kitchen

This is a collection of 25 digital curriculum resources focusing on changes in technology in the kitchen since the 1880s. The collection is organised into three categories - preparing food and drink; washing up; and keeping food cool. It includes a painting, photographs, brochures, two clips from advertisements shown at ...

Interactive resource

The alpha, beta and gamma of radiation

Use a Geiger counter to measure the alpha, beta and gamma radiation from a range of isotopes. Test how much radiation is absorbed by smoke, air and solids such as paper, glass and lead. This learning object is one in a series of three learning objects.


Digestive system and diet

This collection, containing eight digital curriculum resources, comprises learning objects, an image and videos that describe the structure and function of the various components that make up the digestive system, such as the mouth, stomach and intestines. The role of diets and healthy eating in maintaining good nutrition, ...


Camera cop, 1949 - asset 2

This is an excerpt taken from the first half of an item that featured in the 16 June 1949 episode of the weekly black-and-white newsreel Cinesound Review. The item as a whole is about a policeman using a camera to take photographs of motorists infringing traffic rules to assist with gaining convictions. This excerpt opens ...


Nestle's MILO Cinema Advertisement, 1948: Family album

This clip shows a family photograph album being opened and a narrator introducing the family members inside. The images then come to life and describe themselves. They are John, his wife (unnamed) and their children: Barbara, Peter, Janet and Ian, who says that he likes 'football, cricket and MILO'. The family is shown ...

Assessment resource

Year 2 history assessment - Investigating changes in technology: The past in the present

This is an assessment package that uses the Year 2 Australian Curriculum history achievement standard to gather evidence about how well students have demonstrated what they know, what they understand and what they can do in relation to the topic 'The Past in the Present'. Children compare sources from the past and the present ...

Moving Image

Thinking about the design process

Watch as UNSW student and Blusat member William Frohlich talks about the design process. What are some of the important things to consider before you start to make a project? Why does William say it's important to be flexible with your designs? Design your own obstacle course for your family using objects from around your ...

Teacher resource

Creating a digital game

This is a unit for Year 6 from the Scope and sequence resources from the DT Hub. The topic of creating a digital solution is organised into four key elements. Use this flow of activities to plan and assess students against the relevant achievement standards. Students follow the problem solving process to design and create ...

Teacher resource

ICT In Everyday Learning: A Toolkit for Teachers

This website illustrates how pedagogy, content and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. A series of activities across year levels F-10 in English, mathematics, science and history suggest practical approaches using the Australian Curriculum to integrate technology into ...

Interactive resource

Sports shoes: sole support

Observe that ground reaction force is an upward force exerted on the feet during impact, and then relayed to the knees. Examine slow motion replays and graphs of reaction forces during jumps. Investigate the size of the ground reaction force and stopping time when a person jumps from a range of heights. Identify how much ...

Interactive Resource

Aim to sustain: Help a habitat

Students will identify and explore ways in which human activity threatens animal habitats. The resource includes videos, SMART notebooks, worksheets and links to further interactive resources. Students have the opportunity to compose and present persuasive texts. The resource includes support notes for teachers and/or supervisors. ...

Teacher resource

Ground Zero 1945, pictures by atomic bomb survivors: essay by John Dower

This is an illustrated essay that describes and explains drawings and paintings made by survivors of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The essay has seven chapters: introduction; hellfire; water; ghosts; despair; hope; and sources. Teachers are advised to preview the essay as the sensitive and ...

Interactive Resource

Daisy the dinosaur - iTunes app

Use directional language to animate Daisy the Dinosaur. Make Daisy roll, jump and turn using a simple interface. A basic introduction into programming. Free when reviewed on 12/5/2015.

Teacher resource


Try some of these games, videos, activities and tools to help your students make the right decisions when using the Internet. These links are from the Digital Technologies Hub which is a website that supports Australian primary teachers, secondary teachers, students, school leaders and school communities in engaging with ...

Teacher resource

Rise and fall of the Canton trade system I: China in the world, 1700-1860s

This is a collection of online materials about how trade between China and the West was systematically organised and carried out at three designated sites - Macau, Canton and Hong Kong. The vehicle for this collection is part one of a three-part illustrated essay about the rise and fall of the 'Canton trade system'. Connected ...

Teacher resource

Rise and fall of the Canton trade system II: Macau and Whampoa anchorage, 1700-1860s

This is a collection of online materials about how Western ships engaged in the China trade travelled through the Pearl (Zhujiang) River delta from the Portuguese settlement of Macau to Whampoa. The vehicle for this collection is part II of a three-part illustrated essay about the rise and fall of the 'Canton trade system'. ...

Teacher resource

Rise and fall of the Canton trade system III: Canton and Hong Kong, 1700-1860s

This is a collection of online materials about the foreign traders' enclave in Guangzhou (Canton) in China and the rise of Hong Kong as a trading centre and British colony. The vehicle for this collection is part III of a three-part illustrated essay about the rise and fall of the 'Canton trade system'. Connected to this ...

Teacher resource

Rise and fall of the Canton trade system IV: image galleries

This is a collection of 320 images about Western trade with China in the 18th and 19th centuries and how it was organised through the Canton trade system. The images are organised into four categories: places, people, commodities and ships. The places category includes images of Macau, Canton and Hong Kong. The people category ...

Teacher resource

Black ships and samurai: Commodore Perry and the opening of Japan, 1853-54

This is a collection of online materials focusing on US Commodore Matthew Perry's two expeditions to force the opening of Japan as seen through American and Japanese eyes. The materials are in two parts. Black ships and samurai I consists of an illustrated essay by Professor John Dower. Black ships and samurai II (see dropdown ...