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Inside a cubic metre

Watch a demonstration of the size of a cubic metre (100cm x 100cm x 100cm). See how small a cubic centimetre looks when compared with a cubic metre. Work through a series of questions about the length, width and height of a cubic metre. Work out area of layers within a cubic metre. Use multiples of 100 to calculate volume. ...

Interactive resource

Cubirocks go!

Help three cuboid characters estimate and compare the volumes of cube-shaped rocks made by a special volcano in 'Cubiland'. Each character uses a different measuring unit: small, medium-sized or large. Notice that if 8 medium cubes and 27 small cubes fill a large cube that this ratio can be applied to all 'cubirocks'. Use ...

Interactive resource

Squirt: three containers: level 1

Examine the relationships between capacities of containers of the same shape, but different size. Squirt liquids between three containers to establish the proportional relationship. Work out the third 'unlinked' relationship from two known relationships. Express relationships using mathematical notation such as 2a=6b=3c. ...

Interactive Resource


This is a colourful animation, with audio commentary, that describes volume, or capacity, in terms of the amount of liquid a container can hold. It demonstrates how the volumes of three objects can be determined and ordered by comparing how many cups of water it takes to fill each one. The resource can be paused and restarted ...