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Interactive resource

Dressing up [Chinese]

Explore clothes worn in China to school, kung fu training or a traditional wedding. Identify clothing items suitable for each activity. Follow instructions to dress a boy or girl. This learning object is a combination of three objects in the same series.

Interactive resource

Quiz show: wheel of discovery: level 2 [Chinese] [Windows version]

Solve word puzzles in a quiz show. Spin two wheels to make a compound word using two characters. Score points by identifying the meaning of the compound word. Use the meanings of the individual characters to work out the meaning of the compound word. Solve the meaning of enough compound words to win a prize. Review all ...

Interactive resource

Arrays: word problems with products from 35 to 64

Read a number problem and think about how to solve it. For example, when 54 is divided by a number, the answer is 10 with a remainder of 4. Write the problem as a multiplication or division number sentence with a missing number. Think about multiplication or division facts to find the missing number. Test your answer by ...

Interactive resource

What's the problem: nature: level 1

Star as a contestant in a quiz show! Select three worded mathematical problems, about nature, from two categories: 'plants' or 'animals'. Identify the correct answer for each step in the problem-solving process. Examine the suggestions made by the panel to help you. Collect a prize based on your score. This is the first ...


Exploring addition and subtraction

This collection contains 12 digital curriculum resources from the 'Counting beetles' and 'Number trains' series. The collection includes two categories of counting strategies: counting on and back, to give students practice in counting on or back from any number up to 120; and counting using number representations. A third ...


Goat or sheep knucklebones used as children's toys, c1880

This is a set of eight astragali, or anklebones, from the hindquarters of goats or sheep. They date from about 1880 and may have been used by children to play knucklebones or 'jacks'. They were excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne, in 2003.