Health and Physical Education / Year 9 and 10 / Personal, social and community health / Making healthy and safe choices

Curriculum content descriptions

plan, rehearse and evaluate strategies for managing situations where their own or others’ health, safety or wellbeing may be at risk (AC9HP10P08)

  • critiquing the appropriateness and effectiveness of help and support services available for young people in the local community
  • proposing and practising a range of realistic responses to scenarios where peers are encouraging them to take unnecessary risks, such as in relation to the use of e-cigarettes, cannabis, psychostimulants, opiates or hallucinogens
  • investigating a range of behaviours to determine positive, safe, legal and ethical behaviour when using digital tools and environments and recognising what actions can be taken when behaviour becomes abusive
  • planning and practising responses to emergencies where they may be required to administer first aid to a friend or stranger, including CPR
  • understanding the factors that impact a person’s ability to seek, give or deny consent, including when a person is affected by alcohol and other drugs, or there is an imbalance of power or coercion within the relationship
  • examining practices, policies and processes for ensuring safe blood practices in a range of situations, including not sharing needles, precautions when participating in physical activities and safe practices during sexual activity, including use of condoms and dams
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and Social capability
ScOT terms

Internet safety,  Wellbeing,  Help-seeking behaviour,  Safety


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