English / Year 8 / Literacy / Interacting with others

Curriculum content descriptions

Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content, including multimodal elements, to reflect a diversity of viewpoints (ACELY1731)

  • creating texts that express views and values other than students’ own
  • researching subject matter on social issues and/or relationships and presenting ideas in particular ways to appeal to different audiences
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Oral presentations


Book Review

This resource provides advice to students on how to present a three-minute book review, with advice on how to write the review, and how to present it orally.


BTN: Exploring the skills of a radio presenter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a DJ at a radio station? Watch this clip to find out about a bunch of young people who are doing just that. While you're watching, we'll explore some of the skills you might need to present your own radio show.


Heywire: At home in the country

What is the best thing about living on a farm out in the countryside? What is the worst? How does where you live make you the person you are today? Listen to Jane Gould from Boort, finalist of the 2012 Heywire storytelling competition for young people, talk of the connectedness she feels to the land on which she lives.


Representing diversity with Sally Rippin

How important do you think it is for writers to represent a diversity of experiences and perspectives in their books? What does Sally Rippin say about the world she represents in her stories? Who are the characters she writes and illustrates?


Creating Digital Stories

This resource focuses on the creation of digital stories for students with supporting activities and links to resources. It has advice and help for students to compose, adapt and publish your digital stories. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.


Shadow Puppet Plays

How did shadow puppetry share Chinese culture along the Silk Road? In this unit, students will gain an understanding of the dynamics of trade in China along the Silk Road and the role of trade in urbanisation throughout the Han, Tang, and Song dynasties. They will create puppets and produce shadow puppet performances about ...


Syllabus bites: Visual literacy

A resource with information, study guides and resources on visual literacy to support the English K-10 Australian Curriculum in English. It provides a series of activities, guidelines and tasks about visual texts from a variety of sources. Contains writing scaffolds, templates and proformas for responding and composing ...


A Fortunate Life: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support the autobiography A Fortunate Life which explores the life of Albert Facey in surviving Gallipoli, raising a family through the Depression and managing several family challenges. This unit provides practical teaching ideas, an assessment task and an essay by Geordie Williamson.


Film production

The resources on this webpage are designed to build understandings of each element of production including managing a film set and creating a production brief. The resources support the development phase of film-making.


Planning, programming and assessing English 7–10

Find comprehensive units of work, planning templates and other support resources for students in Stage 4 and 5 (years 7, 8, 9 and 10) of the curriculum. The resources have been created to support the New South Wales English K–10 Syllabus (NESA 2022). However, they may be useful to teachers from other states and territories ...


47 Degrees: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support 47 Degrees, an account of the experiences of writer Justin D'Ath during the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. Explore themes of belonging, bravery, community, grief, resilience and the environment. This unit provides practical teaching ideas and an assessment task


Debating guide for classroom teachers

This teacher guide provides advice about the key elements of debating as well as a judging guide, planning templates for each speaker and links to a range of resources.



Through this filmmaking project, students explore the visual and sensory language of film, working with their peers and teacher(s) to create a short film through a scaffolded process of development, pre-production, production and post-production. Detailed notes and associated support materials accompany each step of the ...


Storyboarding, VFX and SFX

Storyboards use visuals to effectively communicate ideas during the filmmaking process, producing a blueprint for cast and crew ahead of shooting scenes. VFX (visual effects) and SFX (special effects) require planning and creative problem solving. This resource features interviews with the VFX Supervisor for Round the Twist ...


Film post-production

The resources on this webpage are designed to build understandings of each element of film post-production including editing, sound and film promotion. The resources inform the development phase of film-making and/or assist in development of critical literacy in relation to films and media.


Representation in advertising

In this learning sequence students learn about the concept of representation, and that representations are purposefully constructed in genres such as advertising. They explore the codes and conventions of online representations and the ways that gender, age and ethnicities might be represented in the media. Students are ...


Film pre-production

The resources on this webpage are designed to build understandings of each element of film pre-production including directing, acting, cinematography, story-boarding, production design, the score and sound design. The resources support the development phase of film-making and/or assist in development of critical literacy ...


Us Mob Walawurru: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support the book Us Mob Walawurru. The book is set in the 1960s in an Aboriginal community in Central Australia and follows the life of a young Luritja girl. It explores the cultural challenges faced by both the community members and non-Indigenous people. The story touches on various ...


Knowing the rules to break the rules

This resource provides opportunities to explore poetry by looking at the connections between forms and conventions over different time periods. Students will develop an understanding of the ways writers use and experiment with the forms and features of poetry to express ideas and position readers. They will explore how ...


Core Concepts in English

The videos, posters and support information on this set of webpages support students from a range of year levels to understand the textual concepts in English. Find posters and student-friendly videos that define genre, intertextuality, literary value, style, character development, imagery and many others. They have been ...