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Visualising two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes

This collection comprises 24 digital curriculum resources, including learning objects from the series 'Shape sorter', 'Face painter', 'Geoboard', 'Photo hunt', 'Viewfinder' and 'Shape maker'. There are three categories: exploring two-dimensional shapes; visualising three-dimensional shapes; and making three-dimensional ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See – measurement for primary

Selected links to a range of interactive and print resources for Measurement topics in K-6 Mathematics.

Teacher resource

reSolve: Reasoning With 2D Shapes

This sequence of three lessons explores shape properties and skills in manipulating shapes using transformations. Students create two-dimensional shapes by joining pins on a circular geoboard, explore the different shapes that can be made by joining together a set number of identical equilateral triangles and investigate ...


Coin on a chessboard - mathematics activities

This photograph of a coin on a chessboard seems unrelated to anything more mathematical than the counting of squares or lines crossed by the coin. However, examining the results of repeatedly tossing this coin on the board takes the observer into the novel world of geometric probability. Teachers are encouraged to scan ...