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Ships and the marine environment

This website is designed to support science and geography inquiry activities for students on ships, shipping transport and impacts on the marine environment. It contains information, images and learning objects about all aspects of ships and shipping transport around Australia and how ships are managed to avoid impacting ...


Ports and the conservation of the marine environment

This website is designed to support science and geography inquiry activities for students on ports and shipping and impacts on the marine environment. It contains information, images and learning objects about all aspects of ports, including information on land and sea transport around Australia and how ports are managed ...

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People and the environment

This is a compilation of seven teaching activities about environments and how some resources within them are used. It uses stories and images to explore these places and issues. It includes sections on how individuals and groups can conserve resources. It also includes links to intercultural images, digital resources and ...

Interactive Resource

Changes in the environment

This is an interactive resource how different species can arise from a common ancestor if different groups have different selection pressures. Students can alter a field environment by growing a chain of mountains through the field. Students are challenged to grow the mountains to their maximum height while maintaining ...

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Interdependence in the environment

Within an ecosystem there are interdependent relationships between the species of that environment which are recognised and understood in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ecological knowledge and practices. This classroom activity provides students with the opportunity to develop science understanding of the interdependencies ...

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MyEnvironment - iTunes app

Explore the natural heritage including protected and threatened habitats and species, as well as the invasive animal and weed pests that live in your local area and surrounding region. Enter your town or study site on the map and find out about the environmental assets and threats found there including detailed descriptions, ...


ACMF: Chicken and the environment

This resource is a web page that provides information about the environmental impacts of commercial poultry meat production and describes related research and development projects in environmental sustainability. The resource compares the environmental effects of chicken meat production with pork, beef and lamb production ...

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Positive learning environments

At the beginning of the year, the teacher establishes a consistent behaviour management approach, linked to the shared school values. These values are explored and given meaning via creative group activities in the pastoral care program she facilitates at the school. The teacher works with the philosophy that when students ...

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Farmers, their animals and the environment

This is a video about the valuable genetic diversity of Asia's indigenous domesticated animals; the contribution the animals' genes make to local people's food security; and the results of the use of genetic technologies. The video identifies ever-present links between farmers, their animals and the environment by describing ...

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CERES Environment Park

This is a video about the sustainable not-for-profit agribusiness operated by the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES) in inner Melbourne. CERES Environment Park runs an organic farm, fruit and vegetable delivery business, and delivers educational programs to schools. Presented by the CERES ...

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Biodiversity: protecting the environment

This study guide examines the complexity and importance of maintaining a vibrant and healthy farming environment including management of the biodiversity that pasture, livestock and natural fauna and flora. A range of articles and activities explore the challenges and opportunities that cattle and sheep farmers are embracing ...

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New Zealand's marine environment

This is a colour video clip of a marine scientist, Dr Candida Savage, discussing the large variety of different habitats within New Zealand's marine environment. Dr Savage is a teacher and researcher at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

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Fire's role in the Australian environment

Fire: friend or enemy? In southern Australia, prescribed (controlled) burns aim to lessen fuel loads and to protect towns and cities. In 2010, a Victorian Royal Commission recommended an increase in prescribed burns, but they remain controversial. During this clip a prominent historian speaks about the pattern of burning ...

Teacher resource

Library Pack: Environment and nature

This is a teacher guide that uses three picture storybooks to look at local environments and nature. It includes: an introduction and three age specific reading activities that involve reading a picture story book and completing follow up learning activities or experiments. The title of the books and age groups they are ...

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Greener farming: protecting the environment

This study guide examines ways Australian cattle and sheep farmers are monitoring and researching how greenhouse gas emissions are being produced by farms and steps farmers use to reduce them. This includes selective breeding programs to produce cattle and sheep whose digestive processes emit less methane, research into ...

Interactive resource

Community enterprise: people, economy and the environment

Help a local council to investigate proposals for redeveloping an old factory site. Compare the benefits of building a swimming pool, toy factory or parkland. Gather facts and opinions from local residents at five places: job centre, library, council meeting, talkback radio station and shopping centre. Rate the economic, ...

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The Australian environment movement: 1970–80

Why and how did the Australian environment movement gain political momentum in the early 1970s? This resource's media footage from that time reflects elements of the environment movement's growing influence, its values, language, arguments, strategies, accommodations and political challenges.

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Climate change and the environment - a unit of work

This unit of work for upper primary students encourages them to consider the effects of climate change on the environment, to take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to educate others to do the same. An introductory exploration of the concept of climate change is followed by three further activities framed ...


The Battle for Byron, 1996: Environment versus progress

This clip shows Christina Khumari, a jeweller, arriving at the block of land where she is building her house from recycled materials. Christina explains her concern about a recent council decision to allow mining at a nearby quarry. The quarry would provide gravel for roads into new subdivisions within the area. Interviews ...

Interactive resource

Create a soil environment [no spoken instructions]

Grow flowers or vegetables in a garden bed. Compare results when adding things such as water, organic matter, digging tools and earthworms.