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Gallipoli on Film

In fact, I have never seen anything like these wounded colonials in war before. Though many were shot to bits, and without hope of recovery, their cheers resounded throughout the night and you could see in the midst of a mass of suffering humanity arms waving in greeting to the crews of the warships. They were happy because ...


Film cans galore, 1962

This is a black-and-white photograph of the sound stage at the Commonwealth Film Unit (now Film Australia) at Lindfield in Sydney being used as a temporary film-sorting area in 1962 when the Unit moved from its studios in Burwood to Sydney's North Shore. Hundreds of film canisters for both 35-mm and 16-mm films lie on the ...


1918 film of Burke and Wills - asset 1

This is a photograph taken in 1917 during the filming of the Australian silent film 'A romance of the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860', which was released in 1918. The photograph shows two women in costume on a lowered camel, flanked by two men.


1918 film of Burke and Wills - asset 2

This is an image from the 1918 Australian silent film 'A romance of the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860'. It shows three male characters walking through the scrubby desert.


Filming 'Wildness', 2002

This is a colour photograph of director Scott Milwood (with helmet) and cinematographer Wade Fairly filming with a 16-mm movie camera for the documentary 'Wildness' in 2002. They are near Rock Island Bend on south-west Tasmania's lower Franklin River in the world heritage Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.


Ticket to a film at Bendigo Queer Film Festival, 2005

This is a pink admission ticket to an 8.00 pm screening of 'A Touch of Pink' at the second Bendigo Queer Film Festival (BQFF) on Saturday 2 April 2005. Ticketing details and a festival logo showing the letters 'bqff' inside a section of film strip are printed in black on this ticket.

Interactive resource

Film study: school playground

View a clip from a newsreel about a school playground in 1925. Select different segments of the clip and identify what the children are doing in each segment. Interpret images and written language in the clip. Answer a series of questions on what you have seen in the clip. For example, comment on what the children are wearing. ...

Interactive resource

Film study: volunteer workers

View a clip from a silent newsreel showing men and women volunteers clearing land for returned soldiers after World War I. Select various sections of the clip and interpret the actions of the participants. Use sections of the clip to interpret people's feeling and emotions. Answer a series of questions on what you have ...

Moving Image

Sharing stories: films by location

This is a map providing links to films about culture, ancestral beings, beliefs and country from eight Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities around Australia. The films are 'The story of Girbar' from the Thabu clan; 'Miiku and Tinta' from the Umpila people; 'Moon and the gecko' from the Paakantji people; 'Bunjil ...

Moving Image

Filming a surrealist dream

Discover the world of surrealism in film as we take a quick look at the 'Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams' exhibition at GOMA, the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland.


Filming on Bondi Beach, 1969

This is a colour photograph of a documentary crew filming an actor, the woman in the bikini on the right of the camera, on Sydney's Bondi Beach in 1969. In the background actual beachgoers continue their recreation as if the film crew were not there. The film, 'Australian Way', was being made by the Australian Commonwealth ...


Filming 'Gentle Strangers', 1972

This is a colour photograph of a film crew working on location near Leeton in country New South Wales. They are about to film a car accident sequence for a 1972 dramatised film called 'Gentle Strangers'. There are two vehicles in the photograph, the station wagon, which is the camera vehicle, and the car being filmed, referred ...


Filming 'Rats in the Ranks', 1997

This is a colour photograph of husband-and-wife writer-producer and directing team Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson about to film for the documentary 'Rats in the Ranks' in 1997 in Leichhardt Council Chambers, as the council prepares to elect its mayor.


Filming 'Rosa's Story', 2001

This is a colour photograph of cinematographer Valeriu Campan filming Rosa Martins, an East Timorese woman, holding her young son Peregrino. This photograph was taken during the shooting of the documentary 'Rosa's Story', the first film of the two-part series 'East Timor - Birth of a Nation', filmed entirely on location ...


Filming 'Operation Babylift', 2004

This is a colour photograph of, from left to right, Olivia Tinker-Casson, director of the documentary 'Operation Babylift' Dai Le, producer and cinematographer Helen Barrow, sound recordist Graeme Wyse and Christina Tinker-Casson. It was taken in a suburban house in Adelaide, South Australia.


Film it!

Film it! is a series of lessons and activities covering a range of filmmaking skills found in pre-production, production and post-production stages. Structured to provide activities for students with different levels of skills and experience with filmaking activities include: storyboarding, sound recording and editing skills.


Anzac Day promotional film, c1916

This film clip is an early cinema advertisement promoting Anzac Day. Silent black-and-white footage shows men in Australian Army uniforms moving through trenches surrounded by smoke. They carry guns and some of them are wearing gas masks. A title at the end says, 'A nation's manhood straining at its task - of carving ANZAC ...


Publicity stunt for a feature film

This is silent newsreel footage of a publicity stunt for the 1921 American silent feature film 'Buried treasure', which starred Hollywood actor Marion Davies. The footage shows a large group of schoolchildren in the street outside a Melbourne cinema, some of whom wave excitedly at or clown for the camera, and four women, ...


Film director Raymond Longford (1878-1959)

This is a black-and-white full-length photograph of Australian film director Raymond Longford (1878-1959) standing in what could be part of a movie set. Behind him, there is an open, uncluttered space in front of an open doorway with a railed balcony above. There appear to be decorations entwined in the railings. Longford ...


Filming from Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1962

This is a black-and-white photograph of a cinematographer filming a pan (slowly moving the camera to take in a panorama) with a 16-mm camera across the city of Sydney from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1962. He is following the entrance into Circular Quay of a cruise ship. The cinematographer is on the outside ...