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Primary Connections: Plants in action

This comprehensive teacher resource explores the life cycle of flowering plants, incorporating the process of germination, the stages in a plant's life cycle and what plants need for growth. These are investigated using a series of collaborative inquiry-based learning activities, culminating in a student planned investigation ...

Interactive resource

Zooming in

This learning object provides a ‘virtual microscope’ enabling learners to view ten successive 10 x magnifications of a gum leaf. The views reveal the internal structure of the leaf with a series of coloured graphics that mimic the zooming in action of a microscope. Brief explanatory text accompanies each graphic. The object ...

Interactive Resource

Sustainability action process: Kitchen gardens (Years 7–10)

This resource guides students through an extended school-based or local investigation focussed on kitchen gardens using the five-step sustainability action process. The resource supports the investigation of a real-world issue or problem. Students develop and implement a chosen sustainability action and then evaluate and ...


CSIRO: discovery solves rusty problem

This is a 2-page CSIRO information sheet that describes the dramatic impact that the fungal disease rust has on grain yields around the world. The resources describe how natural rust resistance has been used by plant breeders for 100 years but as the rust fungus continues to evolve new approaches to rust resistance are ...

Moving Image

The Australian cotton story

This is a nine-minute video about cotton cultivation in Australia and cotton's importance for Australians. Intended for a mid to upper primary school audience, it depicts a family sowing, irrigating, spraying and harvesting cotton on their farm at Dalby, Queensland. It also illustrates the life cycle of the cotton plant ...

Moving Image

TEDMED: What is the source of all life?

This is a video clip of a TEDMED speaker, Howard Shapiro, presenting ideas about improving the nutritional value of plants to address malnutrition and the food requirements of a growing world population. The clip emphasises that poor nutrition has negative health and developmental effects on children, particularly those ...

Interactive resource

Old Bernie's Pond

Clean up Old Bernie's Pond. See how it has become polluted and invaded by introduced species. Restore the pond by choosing actions such as planting native species and removing sources of pollution. Look at the effects of each change. Earn points to get a certificate.


Act Wild: animals

This is an online resource that provides information about actions that students can take to assist the survival of 16 threatened animal species. Students can select one of the species, which gives access to more detailed information about the animal, including key facts, where they can be located in both wild and captive ...

Interactive resource

Fish shop: natural or artificial

Serve two customers in a pet fish shop. Notice that one customer prefers a natural environment. Look closely at items to check their costs and suitability for each order. Select items to suit the customer's budget and needs, while also making a profit for the shopkeeper. Choose items such as fish, food, plants, aquarium, ...

Teacher resource

Living and non-living things

This is a unit designed to help students gain understanding of environmental biodiversity through the examination of living and non-living things in a local environment. Students examine and compare familiar ecological areas and study the life stages of living things. They explore factors that affect living things within ...


Dragonfly habitat, Tidbinbilla River

This is a colour photograph of dragonfly habitat on the Tidbinbilla River, Australian Capital Territory.

Moving Image

Medicines from the sea

This video resource is about the search for new medicines sourced from marine organisms, and recent breakthroughs in this research. The video explains that bacteria are becoming resistant to many current antibiotics, primarily obtained from land plants, so scientists are turning to the biodiversity of the ocean for new ...


Deadly debris

This is a colour clip showing the effects of rubbish waste entering the world's oceans and how marine animals are affected. The clip begins with a seal swimming in the ocean and includes footage of seals and rays caught in fishing nets. There is also footage of a group of people releasing a trapped pelican, and of children ...


Overland Whippet Motor Car: Advertisement, c1926

This silent black-and-white clip shows an advertisement designed for Australian audiences for the US Overland Whippet car, with animation illustrating its economy, speed, ease of parking and comfort. White captions on a black background describe each feature, and drawn and cut-out animations with some live-action shots ...


Envirostories: the farmer changes his ways

This is an ebook about a farmer who changes the way he produces cotton and manages his farm. Intended for a lower to mid primary school audience, the ebook was written by Ethan Campbell, a year 6 student in 2012 at a country New South Wales school. The author uses a before and after storyline, supported by colourful illustrations, ...


Biodiversity and farming for a healthy planet

This is a digital resource containing information and resources, such as printable games, that relate to biodiversity and farming, and how food and materials can be produced while protecting the Earth's natural resources. It includes an extensive glossary of important terms, and external links to teacher and student resources ...

Teacher resource

Carbon is child's play

Carbon is all around us and makes up every living thing. This unit investigates the basic science of carbon in living things and build awareness of the science of the carbon cycle and its importance to our daily lives and the planet. The unit includes PDF resources and video quiz challenges for teachers and student and ...


Larva of the western petaltail dragonfly

This is a black-and-white scientific illustration of the larva of a western petaltail or giant western dragonfly ('Petalura hesperia'). A scale is included. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Odonata, Family: Petaluridae.)


Jet propulsion for ships, 1948

This is a clip taken from an item about jet propulsion that was included in the weekly episode of the black-and-white newsreel, Cinesound Review, released for exhibition on 11 June 1948. It shows Tasmanian scientist Percy Wilde and his partner, William Wallheiser, demonstrating the use of their 1942 invention, a power plant ...

Moving Image

New Zealand's marine environment

This is a colour video clip of a marine scientist, Dr Candida Savage, discussing the large variety of different habitats within New Zealand's marine environment. Dr Savage is a teacher and researcher at the University of Otago, New Zealand.