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Primary Connections: Heating up

This comprehensive teacher resource explores different types of heat sources and how heat moves from one object to another, through a series of collaborative inquiry-based learning activities. Primary heat sources (that transform different energy sources to heat) and secondary sources (that transfer heat they have accumulated) ...


'Cell series' vase by Giles Bettison, 2001

This is a blown glass vase incorporating murrini segments, later ground and coldworked, from the 'Cell series', made in 2001 by Giles Bettison (1966-). The vase measures 24.5 cm x 10.0 cm and rises from a wide, flat base to a tall conical form that is narrower at the top. The body of the container is totally covered with ...


Scenes from the Great Depression, c1930s - asset 7

This is a clip from black-and-white silent documentary footage of unknown origin. It shows a mother washing her child using water from a metal basin. A small girl is then shown encouraging her puppy to follow her down a lane towards the camera. The next scene depicts six children in the confined yard of a slum terrace. ...