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Meet a scientist: nanotechnology: project manager

Explore information about a scientist who investigates materials technology. For example, one research area is water treatment. Learn about the scientist's life and work. Find out why they enjoy their area of research. Choose statements that match their biographical profile. This learning object is one in a series of nine ...

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Managing a group project: Augmented Reality

This is a unit for Year 9 from the Scope and sequence resources from the DT Hub. In this collaborative project, students plan, implement and monitor an AR project. They develop project management skills, collaborate with others and undertake a specific role. Use this flow of activities to plan and assess students against ...

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Sir Edmund Hillary: from beekeeper to explorer

This is a 1991 interview with Sir Edmund Hillary, the New Zealand mountaineer who, in 1953 - with Tenzing Norgay - was the first to climb Mount Everest. He tells of his lifelong commitment to the outdoors and adventure; describes the background to and challenges of the climb; considers the contribution of family to his ...

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Producing cattle and sheep...beef and lamb

This is a unit of work comprising five sequences of activities in which students investigate cattle and sheep production systems and present a documentary, song, poster or brochure in response. In the first sequence, students engage with the industries, sources of information and possible forms of response. In the second ...

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Communicate ideas and information

This is a unit for Year 3 from the Scope and sequence resources from the DT Hub. The topic of managing a project and communicating online is organised into four key elements. Use this flow of activities to plan and assess students against the relevant achievement standards. Students manage a project and follow the problem ...

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Intel teach elements: project-based approaches

This is an interactive professional learning course about planning, implementing and managing project-based learning for your students. It explores how curriculum-framing questions (or big-picture questions) can be used to engage learners and how ongoing assessment throughout the learning cycle can improve outcomes for ...

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From stormwater to drinking water

Imagine turning stormwater into drinking water by pumping it underground. Explore the possibilities with the CSIRO and Salisbury Council in Adelaide in a research project that uses natural processes to remove contaminants from the water. You'll see why this project is attracting international interest.

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Environmental fears over proposed barramundi farm

Managed fish farms are often touted as a sustainable solution to the problem of overfishing. However, a proposed sea cage barramundi farm near Darwin has drawn criticism from environmentalists as well as local fisherman. These groups are concerned about the farm's environmental impact, citing damage caused by similar projects ...

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Reforestation as a climate change strategy

This is a video about an agroforestry project to restore the tree cover of microwatersheds in the High Andes of Peru in which the Chumbivilcas community worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund. Interviews with the local mayor and project officers emphasise ...

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Urban sanitation in India

This is a case study about an approach to the provision of a water supply and sanitation project that involves the local community of Bangalore in the project's design and implementation. It includes sections on Bangalore's expanding needs for water; consequences of a growing population and inadequate infrastructure; and ...

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Creative problem solving

Practical subjects require a range of flexible classroom management strategies to cope with students working on individual projects. The teacher describes some of the approaches that she has developed to respond to situations where her students may be separately engaged in research, folio preparation, arts making and group ...


Four Corners - Aiding or Abetting, 1983: The rich get richer

This clip from 1983 shows footage of a road construction project in Zamboanga del Sur on the island of Mindanao that was jointly funded by the Australian and Philippine governments, and alleges that money for the project has been misappropriated by Philippine officials. Geoff Anderson, an Australian road engineer working ...

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Water reservoirs as climate change adaptation

This is a video about water availability for people living in the Peruvian Andes. It includes vision and information about water scarcity in this region and details of a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations funded project involving the creation of a sustainable water management program. The program involves ...

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When a landfill site is full, what then?

Find out about some of the problems and solutions related to managing waste in a local area when the landfill site is full. View this clip called 'Filled to the brim', created by young reporters from Presbyterian Ladies College in Armidale, New South Wales. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live 'Making the ...

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Farms and people’s connections to them: producer video

This is a video about the operation of the Outback Pride project and the value of the Australian native food produced in conjunction with Aboriginal peoples. To a visual background of the nursery at Reedy Creek in South Australia and some of 25 Aboriginal communities involved in the project in SA and Northern Territory, ...

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One forest, many communities

Find out how local community groups use, value and manage the Armidale Pine Forest. View this clip created by young reporters from Presbyterian Ladies College in Armidale, New South Wales. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live 'Making the news!' project, which featured local sustainability stories by students ...

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Sustainable forests, 'lockups' and happy bees

What's a forest lockup? Why is the Tarkine forest special, and how does Tasmanian Forestry attempt to manage activities in the Tarkine forest sustainably? View this clip called 'Tarkine Forest', created by young reporters from Circular Head Christian School, Tasmania. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live ...

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Merri Creek - river of rubbish?

Find out about some of the issues and solutions related to managing litter pollution at a local creek. View this clip called 'Merri Creek - river of rubbish?', created by young reporters from North Fitzroy Primary School, Victoria. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live 'Making the news!' project, which featured ...

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Proposed coal mine raises environmental issues

Explore the possible benefits and impacts to the environment and community of a proposed new coal mine, called the Wallarah 2 Coal Project. In this clip from late June 2013, find out some viewpoints that landowners, community members, mine representatives and politicians present about the proposed underground mine.

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Power is money on the the Mekong

Discover why the Lao Government plans to build a hydropower dam at Xayaboury (Xayaburi) on the Mekong River and how neighbouring countries might react. The Mekong River Commission is attempting to maintain a balance for all users of the river. Find out why this is a difficult and complex task.