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Visual literacy - reading images

This collection contains 25 digital curriculum resources for visual analysis. They cover a range of periods and themes and are arranged in six sections: iconic images, photographs, cartoons, advertisements, posters, and paintings. These items provide opportunities to explore the codes and conventions of visual semiotics ...

Interactive Resource

Syllabus bites: Visual literacy

A resource with information, study guides and resources on visual literacy to support the English K-10 Australian Curriculum in English. It provides a series of activities, guidelines and tasks about visual texts from a variety of sources. Contains writing scaffolds, templates and proformas for responding and composing ...

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The construction of TV news

Have you ever thought about how a news clip is put together? It's a process of carefully combining a range of audio and visual conventions to present information in a way that seems unbiased. Use this ABC News clip to explore some of the features of TV news.

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Using visual language to represent status

Have you ever felt judged because of where you live? This clip from 1967 explores the reactions of residents to a survey that ranks Melbourne's suburbs. But is this clip as guilty as the survey for reinforcing particular views of these places? You be the judge.

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Using language to describe being Australian

What are some iconic Australian symbols? No doubt people would say the kangaroo, the koala or the emu. But what about sheep? Have they played a part in shaping the way Australians see themselves?

Interactive resource

Film study: at the beach

View a clip from a newsreel about men and women at an Australian beach in the early 20th century. Select different sections of the clip and interpret the actions of the beachgoers. Interpret images and written language in the film. Answer a series of questions on what you have seen in the clip. For example, comment on what ...

Teacher resource

Twentieth-century representations of women - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how the teaching of visual literacy took place within a unit exploring the representation of women in magazines across the twentieth century. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.

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What's so special about graphic novels?

Graphic novels are a contemporary literary phenomenon. But what sets them apart from other forms of narrative, such as novels or films? Explore the unique features of the graphic novel in this discussion with some of Australia's most successful graphic novelists. This clip is one in a series of four.


'Tim Winton', 2004

This is a photographic portrait by Quentin Jones of novelist Tim Winton (b1960) accompanied by catalogue information about the portrait. Also included is information about Tim Winton's career. The portrait places Winton centrally against the backdrop of his favourite place, Cheynes Beach near Albany in Western Australia. ...


'Andy Thomas', 2002

This is a photographic portrait by Denis Montalbetti and Gay Campbell of Australian astronaut Andy Thomas (b1951) accompanied by catalogue information about the portrait. Also included is informational text about Andy Thomas's career. The portrait places Thomas centrally against a blue curtain-like background, with a large ...

Interactive Resource

Visual humour

This resource focuses on how humour is created in images, films and multimodal texts. It includes activities and reading strategies to support the analysis and understanding of the processes of visual humour in texts. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.

Interactive resource

Film study: school playground

View a clip from a newsreel about a school playground in 1925. Select different segments of the clip and identify what the children are doing in each segment. Interpret images and written language in the clip. Answer a series of questions on what you have seen in the clip. For example, comment on what the children are wearing. ...

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A song about emus

Imagine what it would be like to be a bird that cannot fly? Watch the clip and listen to the song by Don Spencer that captures in words and rhythm how the flightless emu thunders through the Australian bush.

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Objectivity in the media - thinking about Twitter

Imagine a platform where everybody has the opportunity to voice their opinions publicly. That would be pretty democratic, right? This is one of the purposes of Twitter. However, Twitter doesn't always give an accurate indication of public opinion. Explore how this clip encourages viewers to think about Twitter in a particular way.

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Representing Sydney's suburbs, 1965

In this clip from the mid-60s, explore how words and images can be combined to encourage particular interpretations and influence audience response. Explore how some of the inner suburbs of Sydney have been represented in history.

Teacher resource

The me generation - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how a focus on advertising, using examples from the present and the past, can deepen student understanding of identity, the influence of the media, body image and new technologies. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.

Teacher resource

Be on the Safe Side Year 7-8 English

This is a unit of work that uses visual and multimodal texts to promote how to be a safe, active and responsible citizen on and around the rail network. Learning opportunities include identification, comparison, deconstruction and creation of visual and multimodal texts. The resource includes: teacher notes, three learning ...


Explore letters, words and text

This collection of 16 interactive learning objects supports early years learners to recognise upper- and lower-case letters, words and sentences and to create and sequence multimodal texts. The selected items in the collection are representative of others in their series, and they provide strong visual and audio support ...

Interactive Resource

Toontastic 3D - iTunes app

Create and share your own cartoons. Choose from a range of characters or create your own. Select from the many settings and start to create your cartoon. Free when reviewed 5/6/15.

Assessment resource

Design a layout: magazine: assessment

Test your understanding of how visual elements in a magazine page affect reader response. Compare a poorly created magazine page layout with a good page layout and identify how the visual elements in the good layout work better to convey meaning to the reader. Explore how the style, size, colour and placement of images, ...