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Assessment resource

Point of view: newspaper report 2: assessment

Assess your ability to construct a newspaper report by selecting appropriate verbs, adverbial phrases and pronouns. Examine a model newspaper report. Read and listen to two witness reports of a surfing accident. Identify the two different points of view. Arrange paragraphs for the newspaper report. Select suitable verbs ...


Create interesting writing

This collection of 16 digital curriculum resources provides activities and ideas to develop students' writing skills. It includes focused interactive activities to improve students' writing and to help them to engage audience interest through the use of effective adjectives, adverbs, verbs, metaphors, similes and plot structures. ...


Triangle pavers - mathematics activities

This photograph of triangular tiles inlaid in a pavement suggests explorations of the several relationships of these tiles relative to the background square regions. Size relationships and symmetry may be explored. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested here as relevant to the various year level groupings, ...


Sundial - mathematics activities

This photograph of a sundial on the Eyam Parish Church in England suggests explorations of time, location and right-triangle geometry. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested here as relevant to the various year level groupings, as there is clearly an increasing mathematical complexity in the activities.


Inclines - mathematics activities

This photograph of a road sign suggests investigations of the different indicators of slope used in our environment. It may lead to explorations of trigonometric relationships in relation to gradient. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested here as relevant to the various year level groupings, as there is ...


Loved Up - Endangered, 2005: A black rose

This clip shows Indigenous people responding to the early deaths and high imprisonment rates of Aboriginal men and how these facts relate to the loss of traditional roles and cultural practices. A young woman talks about the loss of her Aboriginal partner and the effect on herself and her children. Then Sasha, Josie and ...

Teacher resource

Creating a picture book with an environmental theme - unit of work

This unit of work is designed to help students create a well-written story with an environmental theme and then to self-publish it as a picture book. It focuses on: the symbiosis and synergy between creatures and their habitat; the research required to write a story that has a strong basis in fact; the elements of a picture ...

Teacher resource

Bedtime stories - Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea students create picture storybooks integrating digital and non-digital resources. Engaging student-centred classroom activities supports students as they apply their learning to developing and publishing their ‘bedtime stories’.

Teacher resource

Frog tales - unit of work

Students investigate frogs by examining a collection of fiction and non-fiction resources and creating a class anthology of frog stories.

Teacher resource

Starting an adventure - unit of work

This unit of work explores elements of narrative in the context of a particular type of narrative, the adventure story. The unit is designed to help students understand the purpose of adventure stories, the narrative structure onto which the writer builds events, characters and setting, and how writers engage readers. Students ...

Teacher resource

Who tells the story? - unit of work

In this unit of work students read different versions of popular stories and gain an understanding of how a story can be told from different points of view. They develop character profiles and a digital story based on one of the stories.


Debutantes' ball in Canberra, 1956

This is a black-and-white photograph of a debutantes' ball held at the Albert Hall in Canberra in 1956. The debutantes, wearing white gowns and long gloves and holding corsages, are dancing with their partners in rows in a square formation. A large crowd of guests, including the invited dignitaries, are watching. A live ...


Dryland salinity at Boorowa, 2001

This is a colour photograph showing a saline seep, an area of land affected by dryland salinity, where the watertable has risen to the surface. It was taken near Boorowa in New South Wales, about 115 km to the north of Canberra. In the foreground is an area of dried-up and cracked earth, with two dead trees in the middle ...


Hungarian fertility cap, c1850

This is a cap made from cream cotton and embroidered extensively with a pattern of flowers and leaves in cream, yellow, red and fawn thread. The border, which frames the face, is a braid woven in pink and navy patterns on a cream background and edged with green and red cord. At the back there is a narrow, crocheted and ...


Yolngu Boy, 2000: Three friends reunited

This clip shows three teenage Yolngu boys, Lorrpu (John Sebastian Pilakui), Milika (Nathan Daniels) and Botj (Sean Mununggurr), all of whom live in north-eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. The clip opens with Lorrpu dreaming about the first initiation ceremony the three friends were involved in as young boys. ...


Yolngu Boy, 2000: Petrol sniffing

This clip shows Botj (Sean Mununggurr), who has broken into the Women's Community Centre, sniffing petrol. As he looks at a painting with traditional Indigenous symbols he begins to hallucinate and then goes on a rampage, smashing up the Centre. He attacks a painting of his totem, Baru the crocodile, venting his anger on ...


The Queen Goes West, 1988: Debutante ball

This clip shows young women and young men as they make their appearance at a traditional-style debutante ball that was part of the opening celebrations for the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach, Queensland. Their entrance is accompanied by a Scottish band performing on bagpipes and drums. Members of the local ...


'Ypres', 1917-18

This oil painting by John Power shows a lone tall figure shrouded in a full-length hooded grey, purple and red robe that exposes bare feet but covers a bowed head. The figure stands at the base of a strong timber post that reaches into the sky. The landscape in the middle rear is undulating and bare. Beyond that, there ...

Assessment resource

Wonderful words: beach: assessment

Test your ability to create lively sentences by selecting the most appropriate words. For example, view animations of a boy and a girl on the beach. Next, add appropriate adjectives and adverbs to two simple sentences about them to make the sentences more lively. Select a suitable connecting word or phrase to join your ...

Assessment resource

Read between the lines: neighbourhood: assessment

Assess your understanding of signs around a neighbourhood so that you can answer a question about pets. Analyse the information in each sign to work out the implied meaning, and to determine the opinions, feelings and ideas about pets in the neighbourhood. Record your opinion of what each sign means. Review the information ...