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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Transport  >  Vehicles  >  Water transport  >  Boats  >  Yachts
Interactive resource

Weather wear [includes spoken instructions]

Listen to a weather report on a radio. Dress a character in clothing suited to the weather conditions predicted. Sail in a yacht race.

Interactive resource

Galvanic cells: cell design

Set up and observe the spontaneous redox reaction that occurs between copper metal and silver nitrate solution when they are in direct contact. Then find out how this reaction can be used to generate an electric current. Set up the galvanic cell that utilises this reaction and observe what happens at the anode and the cathode. ...

Interactive resource

Galvanic cells: cell reactions

Set up different galvanic cells as specified in given conventional cell notations. Find out the type of reaction that can be used in a galvanic cell, the energy change that occurs and how to interpret conventional cell notation. For each cell, observe the reactions at the anode and cathode at both the physical level and ...

Interactive resource

Galvanic cells: electrochemical series

View six galvanic cells built from six different combinations of half-cells of copper, zinc, iron and silver. Observe how the voltmeter needle moves when the circuit is complete, and deduce the direction of electron flow in the external circuit and the polarity of the electrodes. Deduce and record which of the two metals ...


Boats at Sorrento

This is a black-and-white silent film clip showing two canoes, one with a small sail, and two larger boats crowded with people at Sorrento, a popular holiday resort within half a day's travel from Melbourne. It comes from the 1922 film, 'Sorrento', showing the area's attractions for tourists.


The Wilsons Promontory lighthouse

This is an excerpt from a 10-minute silent promotional film about a camping trip to the Wilsons Promontory National Park. It begins with the intertitle 'The interior of the Lighthouse showing the prisms revolving./(Picture taken from below)', which introduces footage of the lighthouse's revolving mirrors. A second intertitle ...


'Ocean booty', 1929 - asset 3

This is an excerpt from a sepia-toned black-and-white silent documentary from 1929, entitled 'Ocean booty' and showing pearling operations in Broome, Western Australia. It begins with an intertitle: 'The valuable shell is the mainstay of the industry ... Pearls are but a handsome bonus'. It then shows a pearling lugger, ...


'Follow the sun', 1938 - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white documentary with soundtrack entitled 'Follow the sun'. It was made on the Great Barrier Reef, off Queensland, by Australian filmmaker Frank Hurley in 1938. The clip opens with a sequence showing tourists disembarking from an ocean liner via a companionway down to a waiting launch. ...