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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Measurement  >  Units of measurement  >  Time units  >  Day  >  24 hour time
Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 32: modes of transport

This set of ten interactive activities from the Languages online resource helps students practise basic vocabulary for 12 different modes of transport. The key language points are asking how you travel to a place, saying the transport you use and asking when a train departs (using 24-hour time) and, from a cultural perspective, ...

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Late again!

Ever missed an appointment because you misread a timetable? Well it is easily done if you don't know how to read 24 hour time. In this clip, see how to read 24 hour time and find out where it is commonly used. Look at the other time system used -12 hour time. Find out what those letters 'am' and 'pm' really mean! Compare ...

Interactive resource

Timetable: music festival challenge: run sheet

Help plan a music festival by scheduling acts. Place each act into a timetable slot that allows for their set-up time, act length and any special needs. This learning object is one in a series of seven objects.


Measuring time: the 24-hour clock - mathematics activities

This is a photograph of the 24-hour clock at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich in England. The 24 hours are marked around the dial in Roman numerals. The image introduces several layers of mathematical and cultural complexity arising from various ways 'time' has been measured and displayed in different cultures. Teachers ...


Modes of transport

This is a collection of digital activities and printable worksheets for the Italian curriculum, focusing on how people travel (for example, 'vado a piedi', 'in auto', 'in tram', 'in treno'), means of transport ('prendo il ...') and how to ask when a train leaves, using the 24-hour clock. It introduces the core questions ...

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La mappa misteriosa: episode 6 - Natural attraction

This is episode 6 of a 12-episode video series for Italian language students. This episode focuses on how to ask for and give departure and arrival times, and includes timetables with the 24-hour clock, days, months and the words for public transport. The episode is set in some famous natural swamps near Ravenna that are ...

Interactive Resource

La mappa misteriosa: episode 6 - vocabulary and grammar

This is a collection of interactive tutorials and activities that focus on the Italian vocabulary and grammar at the centre of episode 6 of 'La mappa misteriosa'. They cover words for the days of the week and the months, how to ask for departure and arrival times for Italian public transport, and the conjugation of the ...


Mixed-Up Maths

Join our host, Ed, as he finds himself in all types of situations where only his knowledge of Maths can help him. From saving the planet from Aliens, to creating a superhero that can stop a strawberry milkshake tidal wave. From searching for buried treasure, to jumping like a daredevil, or planning the greatest circus party ...