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Paul Hogan and Australian slang

Listen to Australian comic actor Paul Hogan talk to reporters in February 1987 about the Oscars and his role as Mick Dundee in the film 'Crocodile Dundee' (1986). Hogan played a laid-back outback survivalist in this hugely successful film, which is known for its use of Australian slang. Take note of Hogan's own use of Australian ...

Moving Image

Geoffrey Rush behind the mask

When you think of the actor Geoffrey Rush, do you ever imagine him performing silently, wearing a mask? His roles often exploit the qualities of his expressive face and distinctive voice but his approach to acting owes a lot to the traditions of physical theatre. In this interview he speaks about what led him to Europe ...


FW Thring Introduces the Stars, 1931

This black-and-white clip shows Frank Thring senior, film director and studio head, giving a speech on stage in Melbourne in November 1931. He introduces his all-Australian talking picture program and the stars who feature in the films, expressing his pride in his achievement and his hopes for the Australian film industry. ...


Pyongyang Diaries, 1997: The Great Leader

This clip shows two visits by filmmaker Solrun Hoaas to Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, after the death of Kim Il Sung in 1994 and again in 1996. At a celebration in Kim Il Sung Square of the founding day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), a Korean woman speaks of her devotion to Kim Il Sung. Hoaas ...


Pyongyang Diaries, 1997: 'Our way to socialism'

This clip shows scenes from the streets of Pyongyang in North Korea in the early morning as workers travel to work and schoolchildren gather on a corner. The streets display political posters, including one that says 'Let's celebrate / Sept. 9th / Our way to socialism'. In voice-over filmmaker Solrun Hoaas describes how ...


Adela Pankhurst's arrest, 1917

This is an extract from a typed letter sent by the crown solicitor to the secretary of the Attorney-General's Department relating to the conviction of Adela Pankhurst in Melbourne in 1917. It outlines the details of the prosecution, including the names of the witnesses who appeared. The date of the letter has been corrected ...

Teacher resource

Going places - unit of work

In this unit of work students visualise and plan routes, understand and use the language of position, and give and interpret directions using a variety of formats and resources.

Teacher resource

Using 'Going places' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea provides insight into a year 4 classroom where students use a range of digital curriculum materials and hands-on offline activities to visualise and plan routes, understand and use the language of position and give and interpret directions. This Teacher idea recounts the experiences of using R11479 'Going ...


Arthur Tauchert at Newcastle

This is a 1920s photograph showing Arthur Tauchert, the Australian vaudeville performer and silent movie star (left foreground), at the beach. It is labelled 'Newcastle'. The photograph also shows 24 others - men, women and children, most of whom are in bathing costumes. This photograph is in Arthur Tauchert's scrapbook ...


Splendid fellows

This is a photograph taken during the filming of the 1934 Australian movie 'Splendid fellows'. The photograph shows four members of the cast: from left, Frank Bradley (playing Jim McBride); Eric Coleman (playing the Reverend Arthur Stanhope); Frank Leighton (playing the Honourable Hubert Montmorency Ralston) and Leo Franklin ...


'The face at the window,' 1919

This is a photograph showing a large formal sitting room, a studio set for the 1919 Australian silent movie, 'The face at the window', with the top of the set visible. The photograph was taken during production and includes 13 cast members wearing evening dress.


'For the term of his natural life', 1927 - asset 1

This is a still image from the 1927 silent era film 'For the term of his natural life' based on the epic novel by Marcus Clarke, which describes the fate of English aristocrat Rufus Dawes who is wrongfully convicted of murder and transported to Van Dieman's Land (now called Tasmania). This image depicts the deathbed scene ...


'For the term of his natural life', 1927 - asset 2

This is a still image of a scene from the 1927 silent era film 'For the term of his natural life' based on the epic story by Marcus Clarke of Rufus Dawes, an English aristocrat wrongfully convicted of murder and transported to the Port Arthur penal settlement in Tasmania. The image depicts the flogging of Dawes by a fellow ...


On the set of 'Eureka Stockade', 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph of three men, George Heath (left), Chips Rafferty (right) and a man in the centre captioned only as 'Haring', who may be Harry Watt, the film director, standing near a cine camera looking upwards and into the distance. A woman sits on a folding stool in the foreground.


Letter from John Curtin to Elsie Curtin, 1930

This is a handwritten letter from John Curtin (1885-1945) to his wife, Elsie, dated 2 August 1930. It is on letterhead marked: 'The Parliament of the Commonwealth, House of Representatives, Canberra'.


Lottie Lyell and Albert Tauchet in 'The sentimental bloke', 1919

This is a black-and-white photograph taken from a frame of the Australian silent film, 'The sentimental bloke', made in 1919 and directed by Raymond Longford (1878-1959). Bill, the Bloke (Arthur Tauchet), leans over Doreen (Lottie Lyell) who is lying on a double bed in the foreground. Bill is in his shirtsleeves and looks ...


Lottie Lyell in 'The sentimental bloke', 1919

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in 1919, depicting Lottie Lyell (1890-1925), the female star of the silent film, 'The sentimental bloke'. The head-and-shoulders photograph is framed by a romantic border of flowers. A heart, pierced by an arrow, adorns each top corner. Across the bottom, on either side of a map ...


Or Forever Hold Your Peace, 1970: Lionel Murphy

This clip shows archival black-and-white footage of the Labor senator Lionel Murphy speaking at an antiwar rally in Sydney. His face is shown in close-up and members of the audience, some rising out of their seats, are shown with fingers raised in the V for victory sign. Murphy's speech, which urges an end to conscription ...


Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game, 1997: 'Not a career'

This clip shows former 'Neighbours' star Ashley Paske talking about the difficulties he encountered pursuing an acting career after he left the television soap opera. Paske describes how he went to London and worked in theatre, but he found acting hard work with long stints of unemployment and little money. Paske says he ...


Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game, 1997: 'Multiple personalities'

This clip shows John Holmes, head of drama at the Seven Network, being interviewed by filmmaker Lizzy Gardiner. Holmes claims that the stars of 'Home and Away' are heavily promoted because of the importance of the serial to the Network's prime-time schedule. The clip features an interview with Isla Fisher, who appeared ...