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Winners - On Loan, 1985: 'Why was I adopted?'

This clip shows Lindy (Marillac Johnston) walking along a beach with the man she now knows to be her birth father. He explains how she came to be given up by her Vietnamese mother and later adopted. Lindy and her adoptive family together with her birth father, Le (Quang Chinh Dinh), are later shown in the family's living ...


Prahran 3181: Swimming in the Backyard, 2001: Adoption

This clip shows a woman, Dael, at the Prahran swimming pool in Melbourne, as she talks about how she and her husband, Fred, arrived at the decision to adopt their Korean son, Joel. They had difficulty conceiving and had opted for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment. Dael describes the IVF experience as stressful, especially ...


Least Said, Soonest Mended, 1999: Hide the shame

This clip shows Steve Thomas, the producer and director of the film, interviewing his mother, who polishes the silver tea service that she and her husband were given by their children for their 25th wedding anniversary in the 1960s. His mother laments that she and her husband felt that they could not have a party to celebrate ...


Touch the Sun - Princess Kate: 'Mothers don't give up their babies easily'

This clip opens with Kate (Justine Clarke) talking to Barry (Nick Enright) in his western Sydney home about her adoption and her desire to find her biological mother. Barry, who works for a volunteer organisation, tells Kate that because she is under 18 he can't help her without her adoptive parents' consent. In the final ...


Case 442, 2005: Broken heart, unsound mind

This clip shows, through interviews and reconstructions, the consequences for Maudie Yooringun of the removal of her son in the 1940s. A re-enactment of a distraught Maudie Yooringun is shown alone in the bush, and black-and-white footage is used to show Claremont Hospital for the Insane, where she was incarcerated. A medical ...


If Only, 2003: About my mother

This clip shows AJ recalling her reunion with Kaelene, her biological mother, who had given AJ up for adoption in order to pursue a modelling career. The story is told through interviews with AJ and her friend Zoe, re-creation and photographs. AJ mentions that Kaelene changed her mind about the adoption but could not reclaim ...


If Only, 2003: Facing the demons

This clip shows Georgina telling of her life as a ward of state and her daughter describing what a wonderful mother Georgina later became. It opens with Georgina revealing the effect of her mother's refusal to sign adoption papers. While looking for the house where she worked as a young adult, Georgina tells of the work ...