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Model of Nancy Bird Walton's Gipsy Moth, c1960

This is a wood and metal model of the aircraft VH-UTN, 'Vincere', the De Havilland 60G Gipsy Moth owned by Nancy Bird Walton. It is painted silver with blue detailing. The model maker is unknown but it is thought to have been made in Australia around 1960.


Beechcraft Queenair B80 air ambulance, 1966

This twin-engine aircraft was the first official air ambulance to operate in NSW. It was built by the Beech Aircraft Corporation of the USA in 1966.

Interactive resource

Global workplace: nurse

Find out whether you are suited to working in another country as a nurse. Identify your job and lifestyle preferences. Compare your preferences with working conditions and cultural environments in other countries. For example, attitudes toward punctuality vary between countries. Explore which factors affect your suitability ...


Beyond the furthest fences, 1947: The AIM nursing hostel, Birdsville

This silent clip shows the working activities of nursing sisters at the Australian Inland Mission (AIM) nursing hostel at Birdsville in Queensland in 1947. A sister is shown bandaging a young girl's finger and applying drops to a boy's eye, with close-up shots revealing her skill. Footage of goats in a pen is followed by ...


Melbourne Chinese Orchestra Selections, 1931

This black-and-white clip shows part of a traditional Chinese musical performance on stage by eight members of the Melbourne Chinese Orchestra in 1931. The clip begins with a caption reading: 'SELECTIONS / Melbourne Chinese Orchestra', shown on the closed stage curtain. The music begins at the same time and then the curtain ...


Dismissal of prime minister Whitlam, 1975

This is a collection of 12 digital curriculum resources focusing on one of the most controversial events in Australia's constitutional history - the dismissal of prime minister Gough Whitlam by the governor-general Sir John Kerr on 11 November 1975. The collection includes important historical documents, news footage, re-enactments, ...


British colonial secretary queries the selection of Australia's first prime minister, 1900

This is the telegram sent by the British colonial secretary in London, Joseph Chamberlain, to Australia's governor-general-designate Lord Hopetoun, asking for an explanation of Hopetoun's decision to invite Sir William Lyne and not Edmund Barton to form a government as Australia's first prime minister. Hopetoun received ...


Barton's Oath of Allegiance, 1 January 1901

This is the oath of allegiance to Queen Victoria and 'Her Heirs and Successors according to law' signed by Edmund Barton as he was sworn in to the first government ministry of the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901. The governor-general, Lord Hopetoun, countersigned to witness that the oath had been 'sworn and ...


Inventory of the cabin trunk of Sister Hilda Mary Knox, 1917

This inventory details the contents of a cabin trunk belonging to Sister Hilda Mary Knox, a nurse in the Australian Army Nursing Service, at the time of her death from suspected cerebrospinal meningitis in France in 1917. The contents were later forwarded to her father, James B Knox, in Benalla, Victoria. The list includes ...


Letters Patent constituting the office of governor-general of Australia, 1900

This document, signed by Queen Victoria on 29 October 1900, established the office of the governor-general of Australia. Known as the 'Letters Patent', it comprises two large pages of parchment measuring 60 cm x 58 cm with an elaborately decorated border that includes the royal coat of arms and figures representing justice, ...


Fall of the Deakin government and formation of the Watson government, 1904

These two cablegrams form part of correspondence from the governor-general's office reporting the fall of the Deakin government to the British secretary of state for the colonies on 22 and 23 April 1904. The first cablegram refers to an amendment and is signed by governor-general Lord Northcote. The second document begins ...


Australian women and the First World War

This collection of 22 digital curriculum resources focuses on Australian women's roles in the First World War (1914-18) and in the War's aftermath. It is organised into five categories - nurses at home and at the front; voluntary work supporting the troops; farewelling and waiting for loved ones; women's role in propaganda; ...


Early years of the Flying Doctor Service

This collection of seven digital curriculum resources focuses on the Flying Doctor Service from its first year in 1928 to the Service's first 40 years of operation. The collection is organised into three categories - the first year of operations; contacting the Flying Doctor Service; and the Flying Doctor Service at work ...


Tombs of the nobles at Aswan (Swenet)

This is a colour clip showing the city of Aswan on the eastern bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt. Accompanied by an expert commentary, the clip shows Aswan today and traffic on the Nile before shifting scene to the western bank. Here in the necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa, the rock-cut tombs of local governors are featured, ...


Warrnambool annual races

This is an excerpt from a 1921 silent era newsreel, entitled 'WARRNAMBOOL ANNUAL RACES. MAY 1921. FIRST DAY, TUESDAY 3rd'. It is introduced by an intertitle, 'Arrival of the Governor', and shows the Governor of Victoria, the Earl of Stradbroke, and his wife arriving in an open car at the Warrnambool racecourse with a military ...


Inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia

This is a photograph of Australia's first Governor-General, Lord Hopetoun, taking his oath of office at the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901 in the Federation Pavilion at Centennial Park, Sydney, New South Wales. Next to Lord Hopetoun are Sir Edmund Barton and the other members of Australia's ...


Official start of the Snowy Mountains Scheme

This is a 1949 photograph showing the Governor-General, Sir William McKell (1891-1985), officially starting the construction of the Snowy Mountains Scheme by pressing a plunger to set off a charge of dynamite. To the left of the Governor-General is the Prime Minister of the day, Ben Chifley (1885-1951), and to the right ...


Second World War AAMWS recruitment brochure

This is a government recruitment brochure designed to encourage women to join the Australian Army Medical Women's Service (AAMWS), probably published in 1943. The brochure describes the types of jobs that were available and includes details of conditions of service and rates of pay. One side of the brochure folds out to ...


Contacting the Flying Doctor Service, 1953

This is a black-and-white photograph of George Alder in a flat, dry and dusty paddock kneeling beside the first portable radio telephone in the outback, contacting the Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill.


Diphtheria ward of the Melbourne Hospital, Christmas 1900

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in the grounds of the Melbourne Hospital on Christmas Day, 1900. It shows children from the hospital's diphtheria ward seated in a large wicker pushcart. Two nurses, one of whom holds an infant, stand behind the children. On the right of the photograph is a doctor. The photograph ...