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Listed under:  Language  >  Symbols  >  Emblems  >  Insignia  >  Badges
Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Symbols  >  Emblems  >  Insignia  >  Badges

'Rising sun' hat badge, Australian Imperial Force, c1914

This is a copper alloy military hat badge with a 'rising sun' design. Bayonets of different lengths are arranged to create the semicircular form of the rising sun around a crown. The words 'AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH / MILITARY FORCES' are stamped in two banner-like lines below it. The badge is 62 mm wide and 43 mm long.


White Australia Policy badge, c1920

This is a circular copper-nickel and aluminium fob badge made around 1920. The words 'WHITE / AUSTRALIA' run across a central cut-out map of Australia, which is made of silvered (white) wash on aluminium. The circular brass border bears the words 'AUSTRALIA FOR THE AUSTRALIANS'. There is suspension loop at top. The badge ...


Australian protest badges, 1985-95

These are five enamelled metal badges relating to environmental and Indigenous activism in Australia between 1985 and 1995. Each badge has symbols and slogans. The following text communicates the five messages: 'NO FORESTS / NO FUTURE', 'NO TIME TO WASTE / GREENPEACE', 'White Australia has a black history', 'MAY DAY 1993, ...


Australia's Commonwealth 1899 badge, 1899

This is a sterling silver and enamel badge minted by Stokes and Sons of Melbourne. The badge is shaped as a six-pointed star, representing the six colonies which would join to become a federation. Within the star is a blue circle with silver lettering: 'AUSTRALIA'S COMMONWEALTH / 1899'. Inside the circle is a silver map ...


Badge protesting against labelling of gay and lesbian minority, c1979

This is a circular badge with light blue background, featuring the word 'MEMBER' printed in white capital letters across the centre within a wide orange stripe. The words 'IMMORAL' and 'MINORITY', also in white capitals, are printed across the top and bottom respectively. There is slight rust at the top of the badge and ...


'We're Not All Straight in the Garden State' badge, c1980

This is a round cream-coloured badge with a green perimeter and 'We're Not All Straight in the Garden State' inscribed in green across the face. The badge is plastic coated and has metal backing with a pin attached. Its diameter is 44 mm.


Badge for heterosexuals in solidarity with gays and lesbians, c1980

This is a white circular plastic-coated metal badge with a black image of a panda in the centre and 'heterosexuals unafraid of gays and lesbians' printed in black around the rim. The badge probably dates from the period 1970-90. Its diameter is 4.4 cm.


Badge encouraging people to 'come out', c1980

This is a circula, black and plastic-coated metal badge featuring a central pink triangle overlaid with a light-grey butterfly. The slogan 'COME OUT!' is printed in strong pink capital letters around the edge of the bottom half of the badge, which is 4.9 cm in diameter.


Protest badges, c1970-90

These seven badges with coloured social/political messages and graphics were made and worn during the 1970s and 1980s. Five call for the legalisation of marijuana (cannabis). The sixth advocates voting for the Liberal Party and the seventh has an anti-nuclear message.