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Strawberry milkshake warrior princess

Super heroes have amazing powers. To avert disaster we need a super hero who has intelligence, strength and speed. Which super hero has the right super units of each super power? Compare the super hero bar graphs. Will it be Mega Muscle Man, Atomic Angel, Keyboard Kid or some other super hero? Watch the clip to find out?


'The opening of the first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by H.R.H. the Duke of Cornwall and York (later H.M. King George V), 9 May 1901', 1903

This oil painting by Tom Roberts depicts the opening of the first Parliament of Australia at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne on 9 May 1901. The bearded man in military uniform who is on the stage in the centre of the image is the Duke of Cornwall and York. Members and officers of the new parliament, and some ...

Teacher resource

Using 'You say data, I say data' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea comments on the experiences of teaching R11452 'You say data (pronounced day-ta), I say data (pronounced dar-ta) - unit of work' to a year 6 class. The unit investigates different types of graphs and promotes students' skills and understandings in collecting, interpreting, evaluating and representing data.

Teacher resource

Using 'Investigating us' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains the experiences of teaching R11461 'Investigating us - unit of work' with a year 8 class. The focus of the unit was on students collecting, organising, analysing and representing categorical and numerical data of personal relevance.

Teacher resource

From data to graph - unit of work

This unit of work explores why we need data and how students begin to collate, present and analyse it to extract the information it offers.


'A holiday at Mentone'

This is an oil painting, measuring 46.2 cm x 60.8 cm, by the Australian Impressionist artist Charles Conder (1868-1909), which depicts the popular Melbourne bayside beach of Mentone. It is a bright spring day in 1888, and a group of people have come to promenade and relax at the seaside. A footbridge, which divides the ...


'Kitchen at the old King Street bakery'

This is an oil painting on canvas (50.6 cm x 61.2 cm) showing the kitchen area of the family home in which the artist, Frederick McCubbin, (1855-1917) was born. It is a functional space, as evidenced by the kettle set on a glowing fire; a teacup and saucer on a wooden table next to a chair; and various utensils including ...


'An Australian fjord'

This is a large oil painting, measuring 124.5 cm x 88.7 cm, and painted by W C Piguenit (1836-1914) between 1899 and 1901. A mist has just lifted, revealing a sweeping panorama, all slick and shiny and wet in the early morning light. Beyond a foreground of rocks and tangled vegetation, a mirror-smooth river runs off into ...


'A ti-tree glade'

This is a large oil painting, measuring 170.1 cm x 138.4 cm, by Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917) - a member of the Heidelberg School of landscape artists who were active in Melbourne in the late 19th century. It shows a woman herding home a group of cows at a leisurely pace across a sunlit paddock. The action is framed by ...


'Early morning, Heidelberg'

This is a horizontal format oil painting, measuring 45.0 cm x 91.7 cm, by Walter Withers (1854-1914). The subject is a semi-rural landscape with buildings. It is early morning and the sun is rising from behind the viewer and shining directly onto the hat and apron of a woman standing by a fence. A scatter of chickens near ...


'Mystic morn', 1904

This is a large oil painting (122.8 cm x 184.3 cm) by Hans Heysen (1877-1968). Painted in 1904, it shows a small group of cattle threading their way through a group of saplings early in the morning. The cattle are entering the picture from the left and lead the eye towards a distant clearing that is just visible through ...


'At Templestowe', 1889

This is a small oil painting, measuring 25.4 cm x 40.7 cm, by Arthur Streeton (1867-1943), dated 1889. It shows a horse-drawn cart going down a dry, dusty road in the full glare of the midday sun. A figure, perhaps a child, walks behind the cart while other figures are perched on its top. In the distance, where the road ...


'Winter sunlight', 1908

This is an oil painting, measuring 50.8 cm x 76.2 cm, by Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917), dated 1908. It shows an old-fashioned backyard with an old fence that leans in all directions and a gate that appears as if it is about to fall off its hinges. A wooden barrel has been set down by the fence, possibly for a larger animal ...


Arthur Boyd: Testament of a Painter, 1994: Antipodean Chagall

This clip shows the emergence of Arthur Boyd as a painter of international regard, through his series of paintings called 'Love, Marriage and Death of a Half-caste', also known as the 'Bride' series. A series of close-ups and details of early Boyd paintings with voice-over narration describe Boyd's development as a painter ...


'Afterglow', 1912

This is an Australian Impressionist painting of women basking in an idyllic bush setting. It shows lyrical, soft-toned, hazy colours and stippled textures in the pink glow of a summer sundown. The artist, Frederick McCubbin, drew on a European tradition of Arcadia or 'pastoral', in which nymphs or nudes were shown cavorting ...


'Bronte Beach', 1888

This oil painting on paper by Charles Conder presents a view across an Australian beach in blinding sunlight towards breakers rolling in under a high horizon. The small figure of a woman dressed head to toe in pink looks towards the waves, a man in a dark suit lies on the sand facing a seated woman in a mauve dress, and ...


'Impressionists' camp', 1889

In this 13.9 cm x 24.0 cm oil sketch on paper two men are seen against a window inside a big, sparsely furnished room. One man in a brown jacket and lighter pants is seated looking at a piece of paper, while the other, in a dark suit and bowler hat and smoking a pipe, stands looking down at him. A painting hangs on the ...


'Going home', c1889

This oil sketch by Tom Roberts shows the dark figures of a man and a woman with arms linked walking towards the viewer. The man holds an umbrella and the woman's face can just be discerned as she hitches up her skirt and leans in to talk to him. They are silhouetted against the wet pavement of the road and footpath that ...

Interactive resource

Home internet survey: who?

Explore which kids use the internet at home. Choose a question to ask in a survey. Look at the percentages of age groups that use computers and the internet at home. Examine a table of results. Sort the data and use it to answer questions. Display the results using a suitable type of graph: pie chart, bar graph or histogram. ...

Interactive resource

Leisure survey: artistic activities [ESL]

Explore kids' favourite artistic activities. Choose which question to ask in a survey. For example, look at whether kids prefer dancing, acting or playing an instrument. Examine a table of results. Sort the data and use it to answer questions. Display the results choosing a suitable type of graph such as a pie chart, bar ...