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Young people and mental health: taking action early

This clip shows young people talking about the importance of taking early action as soon as the signs of mental illness are noticed. They describe the important role that family and friends play in identifying behavioural changes and the early onset of the condition, and say that earlier intervention might have lessened ...


Young people and mental health: words of wisdom

This clip shows young people sharing what they have learned from their experiences of being ill and managing a mental health issue. They talk about the need for young people to listen when their family and friends show concern or notice behavioural changes. They also encourage seeking professional help early, at the first ...


Young people and mental health: looking ahead

This clip shows young people talking optimistically about their future, describing their personal, educational and professional ambitions. They demonstrate resilience when they describe their mental health issues as temporary setbacks. This clip is one of a series in which young Indigenous and non-Indigenous people talk ...

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My Place - Episode 14: 1878: Henry, Henry's life

Henry and his friend Franklin experiment with a hot air balloon. After blowing up his schoolhouse with an experimental self-lighting candle, Henry is expelled from school. He goes to work in his uncle's saddlery.

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National Safe Schools Framework: early intervention and targeted support

This is a web resource about identification of 'at risk' students, early intervention and targeted support to help create a safe school environment. It describes three key characteristics of this approach and includes key practices and effective actions to identify 'at risk' students and provide early intervention and support. ...

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National Safe Schools Framework: partnerships with families and community

This is a web resource about forming partnerships with families, community organisations and the justice system to facilitate a consistent approach to safety and wellbeing in schools. It describes four characteristics of these partnerships and includes key practices and effective actions for working with families, local ...

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Transformative classrooms

A teacher acknowledges that in some classrooms, teachers may be faced with students who present challenging behaviours, or who have presented challenging behaviours in previous lessons. She contends that teachers can create a learning environment characterised by well-paced lessons, explicit instructions, and response to ...

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Inclusive play

In a play-based learning session, a pre-service teacher explores a number of strategies for how she can use her role to facilitate student participation and engagement. These include assisting students to join and rejoin groups, extending students to participate in more challenging activities, and facilitating group activities. ...

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Establishing classroom expectations

The teacher articulates and demonstrates how it is important to establish consistent classroom routines and practices for primary school students. These routines, she contends, are applicable across the entire day and within any given lesson. At the beginning of the year, the teacher recognised the importance of establishing ...

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Developing positive behaviours

A grade 6 teacher, who is also the co-ordinator of pastoral care at her school, accesses expert knowledge and research in order to develop and implement a school-wide approach to positive behaviours. Her approach has been to identify the most appropriate programs for her school, to assemble a team to receive training, and ...

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Positive learning environments

At the beginning of the year, the teacher establishes a consistent behaviour management approach, linked to the shared school values. These values are explored and given meaning via creative group activities in the pastoral care program she facilitates at the school. The teacher works with the philosophy that when students ...

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Creating routines

The teacher demonstrates how she establishes and maintains orderly routines in the classroom and effectively communicates to support student understanding and participation. Within a class with an English literacy focus, the teacher demonstrates through a series of group activities how effective learning behaviours can ...

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Manage challenging behaviour

Before the start of the new school year, the welfare coordinator of a school’s senior campus leads a professional learning session on behavior management principles and processes. In the session, the coordinator emphasises the importance of following agreed principles. He discusses with staff hypothetical scenarios relating ...

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Classroom management techniques

The Assistant Principal with responsibilities for pastoral care, who also has a teaching load, leads and facilitates a practical workshop to increase teachers’ knowledge and understanding of classroom management. He uses proactive approaches and techniques rather than reactive and problem-based responses to classroom management. ...

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Promoting student responsibility

The teacher uses strategies developed from a workshop by boys’ education expert Ian Lilico. He creates a positive learning environment by utilising a 'community circle' where his students take responsibility for their own learning and behavior management by giving each other feedback on their achievements and attitude. ...

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Resilent and inclusive classrooms: professional learning module

This professional learning module focuses on the teaching practices that promote classroom inclusiveness. It offers evidence-based best teaching practices to assist teachers to create a positive classroom climate and provides a range of tools, techniques and links that support the development of student resilience. Strategies ...

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Student Wellbeing Hub

This website, based on the National Safe Schools Framework, offers resources to ensure Australian schools provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all students, free from harassment, aggression, violence and bullying. The site addresses the emerging challenges of cybersafety and cyberbullying and focuses on ...

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National Safe Schools Framework: positive behaviour management

This is a web resource supporting positive behaviour management approaches for building a safe school environment. It describes five key characteristics of approaches to restore and build positive relationships and school culture and includes key practices and effective actions that contribute to student safety and wellbeing. ...