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Apple IIGS software game - 'Chessmaster 2100', 1988

These are two 3/12-inch floppy disks containing the Apple IIGS software game 'Chessmaster 2100'. The disk on the left is labelled 'Disk 1', the right 'Disk 2'. The rest of the text on the labels is identical, and reads in part: 'THE FIDELITY / CHESSMASTER / 2100 / Apple / IIGS'. On the right side of the label is the horse-and-cart ...


'Skippy' game and memorabilia, 1968-70

This is a collection of 'Skippy, the bush kangaroo' memorabilia. It includes a 'Skippy' board game, made by John Sands and Fauna Productions, Australia, in 1968-70. The game is pictured with its instructions and its cardboard box, which is illustrated with a picture of Skippy and the character Sonny in front of the ranger ...

Interactive resource

Zou ba! School: after school activities

Explore the names for a range of leisure activities. Learn how to describe actions such as play basketball, learn to paint, learn handicrafts, learn the violin, play chess, dance, do aerobics, dance and sing. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.


Games table, c1880

This is a games table, made around 1880 from Huon pine, measuring 73.5 cm in height x 50.0 cm square. It consists of a flat box top with a chessboard design stencilled onto the upper surface and a tapered boxed base set on four curved legs. All surfaces have been decorated with patterns of different sized and shaped fern fronds.


Gold diggings board game, c1855

This is a set of items relating to a children's board game, made in England in about 1855, called 'Race to the gold diggings of Australia'. Items shown are a hand-coloured, lithographed game sheet mounted on linen; a printed rule card; pieces in the shape of ships for six players; a nine-sided teetotum and two dice. The ...

Teacher resource

Making games

This resource is a 13-page web-based slide show on ‘Making Games’ from the arts section of the ‘Asia Kids Society’ website. The slide show features images of board games invented in Asia with accompanying descriptions. The slide show explores various ancient games, including: The Gingerbread Baby Board Game, The Game of ...