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Current affairs

'Four Corners' is an excerpt from the TV current affairs program 'Four Corners 40th Anniversary' episode produced in 2004. 'Four Corners' is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and this excerpt is used with the permission of ABC Content Sales. This video clip is included in the website From Wireless to Web ...

Moving Image

TV killed the radio star

Can you imagine a time when, instead of watching dramas at home on a screen, people listened to them on the radio - a time when the most popular of those dramas were made in Australia? This Four Corners program from 1964 examines the reasons for the death of Australian radio serials, the role played by television in their ...

Interactive resource

Zou ba! Television: program schedules

Find out how to ask and answer questions about which type of program is on television at a particular time. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.


TV soap opera actors, 1967

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1967 of two actors in the television soap opera, 'Bellbird'. Raymond Westwell played the part of Gregory Wrexell, a librarian, and Joan MacArthur played Adeline Phillips, the town gossip. They are standing in the set of a kitchen at the Ripponlea television studios of the Australian ...


Autographs of participants in the first Empire broadcast, 1927

This is an autograph card on which is recorded the signatures of those who played a role in, and attended, the first Empire broadcast by radio station 2FC, Sydney, New South Wales on 5 September 1927. A handwritten caption at the bottom of the card indicates that the program was broadcast from Sydney to the BBC in London ...


It's Ruth, 1992: Lux Radio Theatre

This clip shows actor Ruth Cracknell speaking about her first acting job in a radio serial and describing how radio drama was made in front of a live audience. This is intercut with footage taken of a 1948 Lux Radio Theatre broadcast with a live audience watching actors on a stage deliver their lines into a microphone. ...


Oscar Whitbread looks back at 'Bellbird', 2005

This is an edited sound recording of Oscar Whitbread, one of the producers of the first successful Australian television soap opera, 'Bellbird'. Whitbread describes the production schedule and crews for the show at the time the first episodes were made, in Melbourne in the late 1960s. He also discusses the attitude to the ...


Phar Lap

This is an information sheet about the life and career of Phar Lap, Australia's most famous racehorse. There is also a link to a Phar Lap website.


Women on the set of a test television broadcast, 1973

This colour image shows a group of women, including one playing a guitar, taking part in a test television broadcast on a display stand at an electronics trade fair. The image is taken from an original negative with these dimensions: height 10.0 cm x width 10.3 cm. It is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial ...


Rock band launching opening of Amoco service station, 1970

This is a black-and-white image from a negative depicting a small crowd of teenagers and children watching a rock band perform at the opening of an Amoco service station. The band has five members and is performing on a temporary stage on which the name of radio station 3AK is clearly emblazoned. A sign 'AMOCO' is visible ...


GTV9, shooting a commercial on set, 1969

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a group of actors rehearsing for a Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercial in a studio at GTV-9 Television. Three men, wearing white shirts and ties, are seated at a table on which are laid breakfast items. Behind them stand a woman and man who are looking at ...


Children watching early model television set, Eaglemont, 1959

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting three young children watching a floor console television set in their lounge room in Eaglemont, Victoria. This was one of the earliest television models to be introduced: the photograph was taken three years after the first television broadcast took place ...


'Skippy' game and memorabilia, 1968-70

This is a collection of 'Skippy, the bush kangaroo' memorabilia. It includes a 'Skippy' board game, made by John Sands and Fauna Productions, Australia, in 1968-70. The game is pictured with its instructions and its cardboard box, which is illustrated with a picture of Skippy and the character Sonny in front of the ranger ...


Cowgirl dress-ups, c1950-80

This fancy dress costume consists of an 'Annie Oakley'-style cowgirl skirt and waistcoat.


Cowboy dress-ups, c1950-80

This is a boy's fancy dress costume of fabric and plastic cowboy chaps, from about 1950-80. The chaps are decorated with sheriff stars, a holster pocket and a metal buckle at the back. They are 580 mm high and 500 mm wide.


First Australians, episode 4: No other law, 2008

This resource contains three clips from the television series First Australians. This clips describe aspects of the history and life of the Arrernte people of central Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first clip focuses on the Altyerra (Dreaming); the second on the recorded memories of Arrernte man ...


'Life at the Top: A Week with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser', 1977

These are two clips of television documentary footage showing some typical activities of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser during one week in 1977. The first clip shows Malcolm Fraser at home after a 14-hour day socialising with his family. The second clip presents the prime minister eating lunch with steel workers in Wollongong, ...


Chris Gresham-Britt talks about being a Christian

This clip is about how being a born-again Christian fulfils musician Chris Gresham-Britt's search for spiritual meaning. He describes how Christianity was seen as 'a thing of the past' as he grew up. His parents confirm that they have no need for connection with a church. Gresham-Britt explains that becoming a Christian ...


Menzies' 'Forgotten people' speech, 2008

'Menzies' forgotten people speech' is an excerpt from the film 'Menzies and Churchill at war' (55 min) produced in 2008. Using Robert Menzies's Second World War diaries and remarkable 16-mm film, 'Menzies and Churchill at war' lifts the lid on a bitter behind-the-scenes battle between Winston Churchill and the Australian ...

Moving Image

ABC national TV service: opening night, 1956

Can you imagine life before television? How different would it have been? This clip is taken from the opening moments of the first ABC television broadcast in 1956. As you watch it, see how the presenter describes the event and try to imagine the impact such first broadcasts would have had on Australians more than half ...