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Out of Darkness, 1984: Modern Aboriginal people

This clip from 1984 shows Dr Alan Thorne holding two skulls as he explains his controversial theory, based on bones found at Australian archaeological sites, that there were two peoples in what is termed prehistoric Australia. He says that the remains found in Kow Swamp, Victoria, belong to large and robust people who 'show ...


Talkback Classroom, 2007: repatriation of Aboriginal remains

In this clip Franchesca Cubillo (senior curator at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory) and George Taylor (National Museum of Australia, Repatriation Centre) talk to secondary students about the repatriation of Aboriginal ancestral remains from museums to their people. Cubillo says that the Australian Government ...


Investigating the wonders of Ancient Egypt

How cool is Ancient Egypt? It's got mummies, pyramids, the Sphinx and amazing artworks that have been around for thousands of years. There are lots of references to the afterlife, and fabulous gods like the jackal-headed Anubis who guides spirits of the deceased through the underworld. And then there are the archaeologists ...